My kinda movie

Sunday, August 29, 2010

My kinda movie

It arrived in the form of an E-mail tickler from

"As someone who has purchased 'King Kong (Collector's Edition),' or other films of Robert Armstrong, you might like to know that 'Paid' is now available."

"Paid?" Didn't know the title, but I had to check it out even though the Robert Armstrong (1890-1973) reference meant it was an oldie.

"Oldie?" Was it ever! 1930... with some of the most compelling descriptive copy ever seen on

"Among the harridans and hard-timers in a women's prison, one inmate stands out like a diamond in a box of tarnished costume jewelry."

(Who wrote that? Raymond Chandler?)

"She's Mary Turner, convicted of a crime she didn't commit. Once an innocent shop girl, now embittered by three years in the pen, Mary has big plans after her release."

Uh oh... getting a little sudsy there, perhaps a little too Stella Dallas.

Movie poster for "Paid"

But hey!, a pre-Code Joan Crawford flick in which she "seeks revenge on the man who put her behind bars?" She's no Sybil Danning, but a 25-year-old Lucille Le­Sueur bouncing about behind bars in step-ins or scanties can still stir one's loins.

(Ahhh! Probably the first of the "women in prison" genre that were standard drive-in fare in the '70s and '80s. Are ya running with me, Joe Bob Briggs?)

If it wasn't $26.99 I'd take the shot... so I'll wait 'til it's available through Netflix.


1. Rob F. said...

Hollywood knew what it took to get men into the theaters right from the get-go.

Joe Bob says, "Check it out!"

"Hollywood" knew even when movies were made in Astoria and Fort Lee, New Jersey.

2. Hampton West said...

I've seen this movie but I prefer Ms. Crawford in "Rain," probably made about the same time. There was a re-make called "Ms Sadie Thompson" in the '50s with Aldo Ray and I think Linda Darnell but Ms Crawford as the South Seas vamp is classic - as is the certain photo of her that Kenneth Anger conjured up of her that appears in Hollywood Babylon II - I think Mr. Lydeker knows it.

O, yeah! Know that photo well.

And yes, it was made two years after "Paid," but still pre-Code.

That was Rita Hayworth in the remake in 1953, "Miss Sadie Thompson," originally filmed (for reasons I've never understood) in 3D... Jane Russell, sure! But Rita Hayworth?

It also featured in a supporting role, an actor who still went by the name Charles Buchinsky.
– Dean

3. Hampton West said...

Oh man - Lydeker is the best! Charles Bronson is in that flick? Kudos to you - I had no idea! By the way we owe you a meal in the old hood - after Labor Day????

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