J.P.O.E. Alarums and Scarums

Friday, August 27, 2010

J.P.O.E. Alarums and Scarums

It didn't take long for Jewish People Opposed to the Eruv, which has been unsuccessfully attempting to reinvent themselves as "Jewish People For the Betterment of Westhampton Beach," to raise the alarm about the most recent threat of an eruv in the area.

Early Thursday morning, alerted by Trustee Joan Levan, the following E-mail was circulated over the signature of J.P.O.E. Chairman Arnie Sheiffer:

To: Our Members and Supporters

We have just been advised that at a special meeting of the Trustees of the Village of Westhampton Beach it was said that the public utilities were contacted about constructing an eruv boundary which will encompass part of the Village of Quogue, Quiogue, Westhampton Beach and part of Westhampton.

While an application has not been made formally to the Village, the Mayor and the Trustees of Westhampton made a decision to make the following statement to the press:

"The Board has just found out that a group has contacted the public utilities about creating an eruv boundary which includes part of the Village of Quogue, Quiogue, Westhampton Beach and part of Westhampton. It is the Board understanding that the establishment of an eruv that includes the Village would require the approval of the Board since it has exclusive jurisdiction over streets and public areas of the Village and has agreed to retain an attorney to represent Board to review that matter and to advise the Board whether the Board has any obligation to act on an application to establish an eruv."

We will closely watch this situation and intend to vigorously oppose any installation of an eruv in our area.

In the past you have been strong supporters of our cause. We will need you to step forward again.

We will keep you posted as information becomes available.

One copy of that E-mail which made its way to OtBB was circulated by Levan butt-boy Ralph Neubauer with the caption:


(Neubauer, it should be remembered, was present at the first meeting of "the Alliance" at nutburger Irene Barrett's home on Quiogue in June 2008.)

The Alliance is a group separate from J.P.O.E., albeit one with ostensibly the same objectives, was very active at the time of the 2008 Village elections.

So J.P.O.E. is going into its "active mode" again, but doesn't seem to have any strategy at this point other than to man (and wo-man) the watchtower.


1. Seeker said...

Makes me think of this song: "Mad World."

Only you and the good Lord know why.

2. Seeker said...

Because of lines like:

"…I find it hard to take…when people run in circles it's a very, very mad world…."
People are suffering in this country as well as all over the world... and the people you speak of (on either side of the equation respecting the eruv issue) are doing nothing on the positive side and everything to contribute to the negative. I think that makes for a mad world... why don't you?

But you know how emotional/irrational an issue this is for many, and I daresay that the most crazed of the anti-eruvians are of the fervent opinion that they are doing something positive, albeit in their own bigoted self-interest.

3. Seeker said...

Furthermore, having just looked over the comments under the Press' on-line article about the eruv, there are some real gems, like from "Sanity" of NY:

"And since it's for the sabbath, I assume the markers would be taken down after that. GET SOME SANITY IN YOU LIVES PEOPLE!!!!"
It's a mad world, Dean....
I don't think there's any provision for 27East commenters to correct typos, but yes, in one form or another madness abounds.

4. Seeker said...

It's not the typo - it's the writer's concept that "the markers would be taken down ... after the sabbath" as if the sabbath comes once a year!

Ye gods and little fishes!

You mean, I believe, "Ye G-ds and little fishes!"

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