This'll make'em crazed…

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

This'll make'em crazed…

Updated 08/25/2010 – 11:36 pm

...with fear at the Country Club, and that sound from the end of Notamiset Road in Quiogue will be nutburger Irene Barrett's head exploding.

The eruv lives!

Well, not exactly the eruv as proposed by Rabbi Marc "The Anaconda" Schneier in 2008, but an eruv, none the less.

It should be noted that neither Schneier nor prior applicant Hampton Syn­agogue are in­volved with the proposed eruv chatzerot which would encompass Westhampton, Westhamp­ton Beach, Quiogue and a portion of Quogue.

(The Synagogue would, of course, benefit from the establishment of an eruv, but for Schneier to not get it done would cer­tainly down-grade his personal prestige.)

This appears to be an initiative by the East End Eruv Association, Inc., likely successor1 to the Westhampton Beach Eruv Association, Inc.

(The co-chairman of the latter, Alan Schechter, engaged in acrimonious colloquy with Arnie Sheiffer at the inaugural J.P.O.E. meeting at Starr Boggs' in September 2008.)

Both eruv Associations are represented by Tenzer and Lunin, the Senior named partner of which, Marvin L. Tenzer, lives locally and is one of the founders of Hampton Synagogue.

Any formal application to the Town of South­ampton, Suffolk County or New York State... whose approval is a requirement of Orthodox Jewish law... is still in the offing, but other parts of the process2 have been put in motion.

While this comes too late to help Trustee Joan Levan get Hank Tucker elected Mayor nine weeks ago, she's been busy burning up the wires getting the word out.

  1. E³A was incorporated as a Domestic Not-for-Profit on March 10th of this year.
  2. Some believe that there is a backdoor approval process by which an eruv can be established in this area.


1. Mrs Genetics said...

"Anaconda" as in snake in the grass or snake in the trousers… could be either with this guy.

2. Hambone said...

Anacondas are South American water snakes... not that it matters, but you are not likely to find them in the grass.

On a more serious note, in your opinion is it harder to get civil approval if it is solely Westhampton Beach or if it encompasses Westhampton Beach, Westhampton, Quiogue and Quogue? Is their{sic} a hierarchy issue (if Southampton Township says "yes" it overrules local vote)?

[sigh!] Sometimes you're just too damn literal, Andrew.

Your question, however, is a good one, and touches on what the East End Eruv Association may be attempting.

More on that later.

3. EastEnd68 said...

Put an eruv around all of Long Island and end this issue. Make it nothing special.

That may, on a smaller scale, be the strategy of the newer group, something OtBB is looking into now.

4. Hambone said...

Sorry about the "their." It was an auto-correct.

So, what lesson have we learned from this, Andrew?

I won't expect you to struggle for the answer; it's that computers may be great, but there's no substitute yet for human thinking.

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