A curious 'Google Alert'

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A curious 'Google Alert'

It arrived earlier this month, and probably should be entitled "Where not to eat in Westhampton Beach."

"Crazy Dog Ice Cream - BooRah – 115 Montauk Hwy Westhampton Beach, NY 11978 – Restaurant Reviews for Westhampton Beach"

...and afforded not only a flash of nostalgia, but recalled a line from Shakespeare:

"What? Not dead yet?"

"Dead" is supposed to be forever, but appar­ently not on the Internet.

Other "Westhampton Beach Restaurants" compiled on the BooRah site include:

Blasts from the past all... I think.

But as poor as BooRah is with its necro-compilations, they missed one which Trip Advisor somehow discovered.


1. Barbara Ramsay said...

It's always easier to do a job and do it wrong.

2. Rich said...

Forget where not to go, I prefer to remember places I wish were still around to go to, like Gene's Famous Sandwiches. Flying Saucers and Dagmar Blasts! Oh how I miss them.

You and I both! My favorites were the Man-O-Mantan and the two baked sandwiches, the Torpedo and Arthur Treacher's Hollywood Special... how many even remember the man for whom it was named?

I could fill a week's worth of blog entries with Tales of Gene's Famous Gene.

Purely coincidentally, my wife and I were at the farm stand across the highway from the old Gene's, and saw someone place a (required) sign at the edge of the property giving legal notice of a hearing next month for a sub-division there. Sic transit gloria Giancola.

3. Diane Rogers said...

I would love to know your memory of Gene's! My parents were great friends of Gene and Margaret and used to take us when we were little. I am trying to find a copy of Gene's wonderful sandwiches without going through the stacks and stacks of family memorabilia! My parents owned The Inne on Beach Lane in Westhampton Beach... they both saw Margaret alot in the winters in Florida. I think she too has passed on....

I've written about Gene's (née Harold Gianacola) in the past. I tended bar for him in the late '60s, which was a high stress job. My first wife worked the patio for him from '67 through '71, and used to come home with over $100 in tip money just on a Monday!

My fondest memories were of his original stand to the East on the edge of Bailey's Field, with the minature golf course and the driving range.

I had a menu, circa 1974, from the last location, but I passed it along to the proprietors of Country Heroes more than a decade ago. Coincidentally... not really, 'cause this is still a small Village... my great-uncle Stephen Fanning Griffing sold The Hampton Inn to your family, Bea Rogers as I recollect.

4. Diane Rogers said...

I remember the Griffings. Seems one might have gone to school with my sister Syd. Yes, the food business is very hard work! $100.00 back then was huge...

Such a great place. Someone from Westhampton Beach Historical Society has some pictures and a menu they will scan in and send to me, which I will post on my FB page and also my website!

My parents were Rosemarie Lombardo Rogers and Sidney Rogers. We lived on Babycrest and the hotel was on Beach Lane less than a mile from the bridge on the left going towards the beach... yes... Many a day fishing at the bridge too! Sure do miss the bay and ocean!

Thanks for your imput{sic}!!

Here's some more input... the bay and the Ocean are still here.

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