Monday the Rabbi made <i>The Times</i>

Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday the Rabbi made The Times

Which in this instance is preferable to NY Post or Daily News, either of which would have been about grousing in the goodie with Gitty.

Actually, it was a two-parter, with today's "A Short Second Life for a Building With History" concluding yesterday's "3 Years After a Wind­fall, an Unexpected Reality for the Genealogical Society."

Considering the mortifying press exposure Marc Schneier has been pulling of late, the two-part Times piece, while not without some carefully-crafted controversy, is fairly soft.

(And yes, reporter Alison Leigh Cowan lapses into some blatantly tabloidesque prose in describing the temple on Sunset Avenue as "a celebrity-studded Long Island synagogue.")

What was of greatest interest, though, was a quote from Rabbi Schneier in today's story:

"I’m on sabbatical...."

...with a subsequent notation, "Technically, the sabbatical he is citing will not begin until after the Jewish holidays this fall."

Friday evening Jeanne and I were chatting with Elyse, Maîtresse de Shock, and her mom when a well-dressed older lady mentioned that she had been to services at the Synagogue earlier and "the word is that the Rabbi has been suspended."

Elyse immediately called her on her informa­tion, and the woman's response was "Well, that's what I heard."

I didn't think any more about it 'til today when I read The Times and wondered if "sabbatical" was "spin" for some sort of suspension.

"Nope!" said a source familiar with the situa­tion. "It actually is a long-planned sabbatical so he can go off and finish his book."

So, no "suspension," he was asked?

"You forget," I was told. "Marc Schneier was given 'lifetime tenure' at Hampton Synagogue by its Board three years ago."

Well, they may love their Rabbi forever on Sun­set Avenue, but they can't be pleased about his appearances in the NYC tabloids.


1. Adrienne Hensley said...

Are you sure that's the same guy in that Times photo that was in the passionate embrace in that Daily News photo the week before?

Sure... only the Times photo must have been a file image, five-10 years and 40 pounds ago.

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