TW³ – August 15-21

Sunday, August 22, 2010

TW³ – August 15-21

Whatta week this past week wasn't!

I totally punted Wednesday's August Village Board meeting... it was mostly Bo Bishop's fault... but then so did the Empress of Oneck and Junior Palmer.

And for all he brought to the front of the room, Hank Tucker could have stayed home as well.

Among items discussed were:

  • Updated Rules of Procedures, a conten­tious issue among the Trustees prior to June's election; Mayor Conrad Teller has circulated a draft for comment.
  • Progress was reported on a deer abate­ment program, and a public hearing will likely be scheduled in September.
  • The Sign Committee, which produced nothing over the past four years under Trustee Tucker's direction, has been reactivated under new guidance.
  • New action is in the works regarding parking tickets issued by the Village Police Department.

OtBB will strive to do better next month.

Earlier this week there had been the "Rumble on Canal Street" which drew police from all over the area. Minimal injuries were reported, arrests were made, a crowd was dispersed and some parents were inconvenienced, but order was re-established and Moniebogue Canal did not run red with the life's blood of participants.

(And to the mental midget on 27East who felt that Westhampton Beach should disband its own police force because other departments were called in, this isn't Texas and "One riot, one Ranger,")

To thems what suggested that one giant tomato does not "an impressive crop of huge, succulent tomatoes" make, submitted for your edification, delectation and envy:

More of Jeanne's recent harvest

So there!

And finally, not a moment too soon, the seven week-long "Dog Days of August" seem to have vacated the area, possibly warned off by the imminent arrival of peak Hurricane season.

O, and if you didn't get the "TW³" title, you probably weren't around in the early-'60s.


1. Hambone said...

Are those heirlooms? Mighty nice!

I will defer to Mrs. Speir on this one. I think they're grown from seeds she nicks from her Mom's garden in Margaretville.

2. Barbara Ramsay said...

I am so so jealous!

3. Lulubelle1956 said...

Does anyone know why a realty office on Mitchell Lane has a window posting selling the Village Green for $700,000++ (plus maintenance and taxes)? Isn't the Village Green public property? Just wondering....

Conrad's trying to keep taxes down... he already cut his own salary in half. Drastic times call for drastic measures.

4. Jeanne Speir said...

It's a little miracle for me!

I have never had this many tomatoes out of my own garden. I even had enough at one time to "put up" a few jars, and made a great tomato paste (God Bless Google!) out of that colander of Summery goodness.

Folks say the tomatoes, peppers, and obviously the ornamental sweet potato vine thrived in the drought conditions of this Summer: not a fungus "amongus."

What happened to our maple trees, though?

After Sunday's downpour, I think think everything green got caught up!

5. EastEnd68 said...

TW 3 - "This Week?"

Not a bad guess, but you still didn't get it right, #1, and, #2, I didn't intend for this to be a mystery.
– Dean

6. David Rogot said...

That Was The Week That Was! I still remember the theme song.

Hold those calls! We have a winner!
– Dean

7. EastEnd68 said...

I called Main Street Realty – the ad is for a condo in beautiful Westhampton Beach with a picture of the "Green." The realtor said the Village Green itself would be listed at a much higher price.

I know... I went by and looked at the window display myself, but I was in a break-up mood. We'll see if the Mayor gets a couple of calls.
– Dean

8. Scarlett said...

Shame on you - that's how harmful rumours start... next you'll be making up stories about the Rabbi!

The whole proposition was so absurd I don't see how anyone (other than possibly LuluBelle1956) could give it any credibility.

I went down to that office first thing this morning and saw the same thing LuluBelle1956 saw, and for the life of me couldn't figure out how that conclusion was drawn.

As for making up stories about the Rabbi, impossible to top real life.
– Dean

9. Hambone said...

What is for sale is the Dune Deck.

And this is relevant... how?

10. LuluBelle1956 said...

I hope you are correct that it is a condo and not "The Green" itself (although that is all that is displayed and referred to in the posted ad in the window). I don't think the law allows the sale of public property for private use, no matter what the economic conditions are at any given time.

Okay, fun's over... I think you need to go back are re-read that "ad in the window" a little more carefully.

11. Scarlett said...

Wow! She's serious, isn't she?!

So it would seem.

12. LuluBelle1956 said...

Yes, I was serious – and glad to hear I am mistaken (as are others who were with me when viewing the ad). I had no intention of starting a "rumor" and was not having "fun." Sorry to cause any confusion and glad that this mystery is solved!

Glad to have been of some small service. Still unclear how the confusion occurred.

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