The Rabbi gets called out…

Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Rabbi gets called out… one of his own, Marc Tracy, editor of Tab­let Magazine's daily blog, "The Scroll:"

Does Marc Schneier Speak for Us?
Rabbi’s infidelity said to reflect on community

The community which Tracy references is not the Westhampton area, but the Jewish one... without specifics as to Reform, Conservative or Orthodox.

Citing the events which culminated last week­end with the appearance of a truly terrible photo in the Daily News of Schneier and his gal pal in pari delicto, Tracy notes:

"Poorly done, dude."

(Okay, he's young... Tracy, not Schneier.)

He concludes:

"...let me just say that I am embarrassed about Rabbi Schneier’s actions, both as a Jew and as a Marc with a c."

The Schneier/Gitty Leiner/Tobi Rubinstein-Schneier story may be dead (for now) in the Noo Yawk tabloids, but it seems as if its still playing out within the Jewish community.


1. Jerry Steiner said...

Nice!!!! That goil has a grip on the holy man.

Might I be so bold as to suggest a spiritual revival for my Jewish bretheren... Temple Israel, Riverhead.

Seems to this unedjumactated boi, if the Rabbi has title to the Synagogue, the only choice of an unhappy congregation is to bleed him.

But it wasn't his fault, Mr. Wizard... mental illness. Yom Kippur is coming up... all will be forgiven. Well... that is until the monster in his pants awakens. Praise the lord!!!!!

After all, Mr. Wizard, everything is better north of the river and through the woods.

Feel the love... ice cold beer... Jerry

Seems to this goyish fellow that the Rabbi, having now joined that special rank of lustful clergy like the Reverends Arthur Dimmesdale and Alfred Davidson, the only thing which may save him is that at least he stayed within his faith.

2. Frank Wheeler said...

Aren't you the literate one!

The short term memory may be shot but the long term still works, and that was all required reading in prep and college. (And it was fairly racy fare for the '50s.)

3. Hampton West said...

A skell is a skell regardless of faith - the word used to refer to a homeless vagrant but over time the word has evolved to mean someone who is derelict in duty.

Given the man's actions I think it fits.

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