You say 'to-may-toe…'

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

You say 'to-may-toe…'

...I say "to-mah-toe," and the Suffolk County Water Authority1 says "ka-Ching!"

The "Dog Days of August" arrived uncommonly early this year, sometime around the end of June, and while it has greatly reduced our lawn-mowing requirement, it has put a great demand on my wife to keep her solanum lycopersicum adequately hydrated.

Jeanne's mixed garden

Somehow she has beat the heat, fended off the deer, thwarted both blight and Verticillium Wilt, and produced her most impressive crop of huge, succulent tomatoes yet.

Jeanne's giant tomato

Don't know how she does it, other than she spends a lot of time watering and fussing with her plants.

And I daresay that twere there a 4-H Club in the area, the tomato pictured here would be a Blue Ribbon contender.

And while it's not hydroponically-grown, that is a big freakin' tomato!

  1. Just today SCWA announced that it has rescinded its Stage 1 Water Alert which had been in effect over the past six weeks... not that anyone in any of the "estate sections" of the Hamptons had taken notice.


1. Frank Wheeler said...

That is H-U-G-E! Why don't we have a 4-H Chapter here?

Mrs. Speir is a very talented and dedicated gardener, cut from the same cloth as Bill Bennett and Dot Berdinka.
– Dean

2. Jeanne Speir said...

Speir, you place me in company far too lofty!

One tomato doth not a master gardener make.

I am delighted, however, with my good fortune this year. I hope you find the water bill worth it... that three week drought is gonna show on the next bill, even though we ignored the grass, the veggies were well hydrated!

Yes, dear.

3. Seeker said...

Individual communities should create a code section and cite violators who think it suitable to water their lawns with our drinking water (this includes commercial property owners) during any stated water alert. Help folks "pay" attention. If the shift in weather patterns around the globe continues as we've been witness to recently, we may be seeing more of these water shortage alerts here on Long Island. It's always annoyed me to see properties being automatically watered on rainy days but to be more concerned about the color of your lawn when the local water authority says our water supply is threatened smacks of the obscene. [What? Oh right, as Marie Antoinette might've put it if she were around today - "Let them drink Perrier...."]

(BTW, that's one lovely tomato, Mrs. Speir!)

4. Shepard M. Scheinberg said...

Speaking of the 4-H, about 60 years ago I belonged to the Riverhead Chapter. My project was raising Angora Rabbits. I failed miserably. I starved one to death and had to give the surviving rabbit back to the breader.

Maybe this experience was the motivating factor in me becoming an attorney.

OK Dean, say something to make me feel even worse for killing that rabbit.

Words fail me... but you know what I'm going to say the next time we meet!

5. EastEnd68 said...

I agree with your wife -- Bill Bennett is in a class by himself.

6. Rob F. said...

This year is the best year for tomatoes in my garden that I can recall in many years. Especially welcome after a couple of really bad years. All varieties of peppers - hot and sweet - are doing well in my garden too. Must be all of the hot, dry weather.

Dunno... usually the only thing which flourishes in this sort of weather in my yard is that the gnsrly parts of the already shallow roots of the monster silver maple pop up through the lawn and scare little kids.

7. Hampton West said...

Size matters!

8. Dune Mind said...

That is one righteously well-loved garden. Jeanne, you rock!

While I have the soapbox here: Shep, if you are reading this, I'd be more than happy to straighten out your carcass for neglecting a rabbit to death.

Afterward, we shall discuss your spelling.

Uh oh....
– Dean

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