Point of Personal Privilege

Monday, August 16, 2010

Point of Personal Privilege

While I'm am a columnist-turned-blogger, I still get some small satisfaction from scoring a "beat" on a professional news-gathering operation such as The Southampton Press or, even better, Newsday.

Never much thought about The New York Times, though... 'til now.

Several OtBB readers sent me a link to today's Times piece by Julie Bosman, "Bookstore Ar­rives, and Sides Are Taken."

(The subject was discussed here in May and again last week.)

Now I don't know how much embellishment Ms. Bosman undertook, but some of what she reported borders touches on the silly.

But the one thing I question is...

"Jack McKeown, one of the owners of Books & Books, said he believed — and the statistical research that he had conducted clearly showed — that there was plenty of room for another bookstore in Westhampton Beach."

Did Mr. McKeown share that research, or marketing survey, with the writer, or did she take that from his press release last month?

If the latter, might not the entire story be another bit of puffery for Books & Books?


1. Carrie said...

There is room for another anything in Westhampton Beach?

Other than a store like National's, one would be perfect.

You must be a member of my wife's Wednesday afternoon Whither National's? support group.

2. The Quiogue Kid said...

I'd vote for a good, family friendly seafood restaurant.

That's not exactly a restaurant location, much less for a seafood one.

3. Barbara Ramsay said...

Every time I see that empty store I mourn our loss.

4. Seeker said...

He'll learn when "the season" is finito. Meanwhile, Simon has a newly refurbished store..

5. Scarlett said...

Every time I shop at RiteAid, I mourn the loss of National's!

6. Coach K said...

While on the subect of books, I visited the new library last evening and was totally disappointed.

Care to amplify?

7. Jeanne Speir said...

[sniffle] It's Frank's Center Island Pharmacy in Hampton Bays or nothing. Why isn't the statistical research supporting our need for a wonderful old fashioned-has everything-5&10? And not a cheap-o Made-in-China "dollar store," either.

Yes, dear. (Really!)
– Dean

8. Seeker said...

I sense a need for a nostalgia tee-shirt for Nationals....

Speak to Jim Flood at Westhampton Tees, corner of Main and Moniebogue Lane.

9. The Quiogue Kid said...

My seafood restaurant idea is called Localz... and I didnt mean for it to be on that site but somewhere "downtown" knowing all the problems of setting up a restaurant there might not be feasible but will be there looking in September... and what about a "Dollar Store?"

There are two large "for rent" signs taped inside the window of the former National's, but one has to look carefully to discern them from the kids posters. I'll get you the 'phone number and you can see what sort of deal you can negotiate.

But in case you hadn't noticed, my wife is disparaging of the "Dollar Store" idea, and is straight-forward as to why. Pay better attention.
– Dean

10. Jeanne Speir said...

Quiogue Kid -- you must be too young to remember.

"Dollar" stores have cadmium laced toys and jewelry, tacky statuary, orange panty hose, cheap one-use plastic brick-a-brak and artificial cheezy melamine-flavored crackers.

Nationals, however, had REAL canning lids and jars, tools, yarn and embroidery thread, good toys and stationary, EVERYTHING to clean your house from mops to specialized furniture polish, candles, window blinds, school supplies, beach gear, picture frames, you name it. We GRIEVE the loss of that wonderful shop. I could walk in there and save myself a trip out of town.

Chain Pharmacies don't carry anywhere near the quality or depth of goods that this Mom and Pop establishment offered.

11. The Quiogue Kid said...

I got everything at Brown's, the Orient Shop, A&P and Gloria's... if they didn't have it, I didn't need it.

Hey! Hey! Hey! Don't forget Schwartz's... always got my new back-to-school shoes there!

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