Hate to see this

Monday, August 16, 2010

Hate to see this

Headline last hour on 27East.com:

Westhampton Beach man accidentally shot in Calverton

The lead reads:

"A Westhampton Beach man was rushed to the hospital Sunday after another man accidentally shot him in Calverton...."

A major quibble... rare, so rare as to be statistically insignificant, is any "accident" involving a firearm.

Where firearms are involved, there is only Criminal Negligence.

There can be z-e-r-o tolerance on the subject.

It is fortunate that 36-year-old Corey Whitney was not more seriously injured, but perhaps he should have heeded the NRA's "Eddie Eagle" safety program:

"If you see a gun:
Don't Touch.
Leave the Area.
Tell an Adult."

Yes, it is intended for children "pre-K through third grade," but it should hold for someone at any age when someone else is handling fire­arms in a reckless manner.


1. Frank Wheeler said...

Which is it that you "hate to see," someone shot or The Press calling it "an accident?"

Never like to see anyone shot who didn't require shooting... but trust one of those Whitneys to stand in front of a loaded gun... and in these instances The Press usually reports only what the authorities tell them. My firm belief has always been that there aren't accidents with guns, only negligence, and here the headline uses the wrong word which allows less critical readers to say "O, okay... the one with the gun didn't mean for it to happen."!
– Dean

2. Rob F. said...

An event can be both a accident (an unexpected and unintented happening) and neligent (a breach of a duty of care causing injury to another). Whether something is criminally negligent will depend on the state statute defining that crime, but typically involves going beyond mere negligence to a quantum of recklessness that creates a significant risk of serious injury or death to another.

Too often the gun accidents we read about are caused by criminal stupidity, a term with no legal definition, but - as Justice Potter Stewart said about a certain form of obscenity - we know it when we see it.

"Criminal Stupidity." I like that!

3. Mrs Genetics said...

Don't know if you saw any of the news about the crackpot in suburban Dallas who lit his truck on fire outside the police HQ, then started shooting at the station and nearby college. That qualifies as someone who needs shooting... which is exactly what happened, either by his own hand or by the PD. Sad, sad, sad.

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