August Planning Board Meeting

Thursday, August 12, 2010

August Planning Board Meeting

Shocking Update: 08/13/2010 – 12:51 pm

Beach Bakery's Simon Jorna appeared before the Westhampton Beach Planning Board this evening with an old application for a Modifica­tion of Site Plan, but a new attitude.

As a result, there seemed for the first time in recent memory to be a genuine meeting of the minds between applicant and Board.

The members of the Board made arrangements to visit the property at 112-114 Main Street with Mr. Jorna early next week.

Another application, for Site Plan approval at the Rubio property at 114 Old Riverhead Road, was held over, but informal colloquy indicated that Hampton Luxury Liner Bus Company in competition with Hampton Jitney no longer intends to use the location as its area "passen­ger terminal."

In what was described as "the longest contin­uing application anywhere in the Village," attorney James N. Hulme and Chairman Victor Levy appeared to agree that the Hampton Synagogue process has almost run its course.

"If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck... speakers on poles on the property give us pause about the covenant against amplified music."

The Board indicated that it would like one of the Synagogue's officers to accompany Mr. Hulme to the next meeting to clear up any misunderstandings before final approval is given.

The bulk of a lightly calendared evening was spent in discussion about a change of use application at 8 Moniebogue Lane as the Chairman, Village Attorney, Building Admin­istrator and two of the Board's retainers struggled to get on the same page regarding parking spaces.

The meeting then adjourned and went into executive session for the purposes of dis­cussing unnamed litigation.

Again missing in action was Board member Pamela Sheiffer.

Observing from the audience but not partic­ipating was unsuccessful Trustee candidate Charlie Palmer Jr.


Mrs. Sheiffer's absence may be explained by her appearance at La Ronde for their weekly lobster fest.

We may have a new standard in the realm of Public Service Dilettante. The question must be asked just what criteria Trustee Joan Levan uses when proposing someone for a board appointment.


1. Scarlett said...


Concerned that Junior might be trying to position himself for another run for the Village Board?

2. Kathie Williamson said...

Why do people sign on for a job they have no intention of performing?

The Sheiffer appointment is a perfect example of how the Empress of Oneck was attempting to both build her power base and enhance her social standing. It's always about her, and not the Village.

She'll have a tougher time in her legacy-building for the foreseeable future.

3. Scarlett said...

Well, yeah… they've created a political monster!Well, yeah… they've created a political monster!

Not yet... despite his credible showing in June, he's still on the outside looking in.

4. First Hampton said...

Did the Planning Board offer free food!!!

No, Junior was probably just lookin' to get out of the house.

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