Today's lost cause

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Today's lost cause



1. Ray Overton said...

Maybe, just maybe, good people will start to fight back against boorish behavior like that supposedly exhibited by the passenger. Every person in a service business has been faced with similar issues and there are many who would love to do the same thing Mr. Slater did. Quite honestly, when she slammed the overhead compartment door down and smacked Mr. Slater in the head, he should have had her booted off the flight. It would have served her rude arse right.

I suspect that Mr. Slater did not have the ol' heave-ho option available per Jet Blue policy.

2. Jeanne Speir said...

I understand the passenger violated Federal Regulations by opening the compartment while they were still taxi-ing.

Good. A hefty fine for her would be a good thing.

Yes, dear.

3. Champ 19 said...

Many years ago during my almost decade-long service with Pan Am, the unwritten policy concerning passenger conduct was that the passenger must "look normal, smell normal and ACT normal." Of course in those days, flying was a special event. And, in the intervening years, the definition of "Normal" has become subject to interpretation. Somewhat loosely in my opinion. That did not prevent several occasions when it became necessary, on the pilot's order, to call the constabulary to remove an unruly or uncooperative passenger. In those days of 1960s, 1970s aviation, the pilot's and crew's word was law and, at least with Pan Am, adherence to their orders was followed or you would be removed. Recall the PAA pilot tossing a hijacker out of a plane in SE Asia without the benefit of stairs to the plane. In my opinion, the US airline industry has allowed un-civil passenger behavior to become acceptable. Lack of enforcement of the baggage carry-on rule is just one of example. It seems the industry is so afraid of scaring off passengers that it has allowed the them to run amok. I am sure the drastically reduced staffing levels of most airlines has promoted this, but aircrews themselves have put up with it. I am not sure Steven Slater's response would be mine. I might file a criminal complaint with the police against the passenger for interfering with a flight crew, a Federal Offense. But then I would have to do a rug dance in front of my supervisor explaining myself and probably been given a couple of weeks off without pay to think about things.

Thank you for your special insights.

4. Jerry Steiner said...

In keeping with the philosophy of the Town of Riverhead, Zero Tolerance Zone. Guess that flight needed an Air Marshal sporting an Extreme Shock AFR round... again, Mr. Wizard, simple solutions for today's complex world.

Give that woman one of Hank Tucker's Peach Pies!

Feel the love... ice cold beer... Jerry

5. Hampton West said...

Possibly the airlines in general are afraid of litigation by passengers and roll over even when the passengers are clearly wrong.

Not sure this fellow did the right thing by going down the slide - could have put folks in danger.

Not likely.

Of course he didn't do "the right thing," but he did what so many have wanted to do for so long.

And with his media exposure, there will be copycats.

6. Girly Girl said...

Why isn't the woman named? Her boorish behavior begs notority. I suspect she's the same woman who was beyond rude to the hostess and waitress at Joe's Friday night.

The same? Doubtful. The same type... and they are a "type..." certainly.

Journalism 101, though, demands that she be identified and sought out for "her version."

7. Dan said...

I spent several years travelling on business. During that time I learned to despise flying and lost respect for airline management. I cannot count the times I walked to a gate to catch a connecting flight to find the gate deserted and no plane on the tarmac, all while the status boards display the flight as "on time." I cannot think of another business that so habitually lies to their customers. That being said, most of the airline employees I have encountered were competent but all too often infected with an orgazational cancer of indifference towards the passengers. The reason the woman has not been identified is clear from the news reports of interviews with passengers. There was no altercation so there is no woman to name. The flight attendant had a childish temper tantrum and is seeking to blame it on someone else.

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