Monday's activities…

Monday, August 09, 2010

Monday's activities…

...include an aero-medivac from the Great Lawn to Stony Brook University Medical Center of a man injured in the surf at Rogers Beach.

Emergency apparatus, four each from West­hampton Beach Police and Fire Departments, and Westhampton War Memorial Ambulance Association plus miscellaneous vehicles from Quogue and Eastport, ringed the field shortly before a Suffolk County Police helicopter land­ed in the field opposite Saint Marks Church around 1:00 pm.

On the Great Lawn

According to Police Chief Ray Dean:

"The parking lot at Rogers was full, and Hansen Field at the High School is all torn up with the turf installation, so this was the next logical place to use as a helipad."

Injured man prepared for flight to Stony Brook University Medical Center

And the fire apparatus? Policy, according to vol­unteer Fireman Tom Betjemann:

"Anytime a helicopter lands within the Fire District, a truck must be on the scene."

The Suffolk County Police helicopter lifts off for Stony Brook UMC.

(Right, 'cause helicopters aren't the most stable of aircraft.)

The injured person, reported by Will James on 27East to be "a 63-year-old man with a history of a 'fractured neck'," was observed raising his arms in the air while being moved on a litter from the ambulance to the chopper.

It was not immediately clear if he was giving the traditional injured athlete's "I'm okay" signal, or was swatting at flying insects.

Rumor control

With more than nine days having passed since Astoria Federal Savings was robbed of mid-five figures and the Suffolk County Police Major Case Squad having yet to solve the crime, one tidbit flying about the Village can be dispelled.

No, the perpetrator was not a cross-dressing male!

It has been speculated that the robber was wearing slippers because "he" could not find any women's footwear to accommodate his feet.

The police are still seeking information about the event.


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