Something Old, Something New…

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Something Old, Something New… Six Corners...

The newly re-planted "round-a-bout" and the decrept face of the Hampton Arts Cinemas

...with the "old," purely coincidentally, being the subject of some dis­cussion at the August Village Board Meeting.

The "new" is the replanted, redesigned "Egg-about1" under the direction of the refurbished Beautification Committee, Leola "Sue" Farrell, Trustee liaison.

(And talk about "recycling" and "Zero Waste Management," any flora removed was transplanted to new beds around Village Hall, at Rogers Beach and ulti­mately to the Village Marina.)

Face of the Hampton Arts Cinemas I & II all Summer so far,

The "old" is the for­mer Hampton Star Theater, anagrammed into the Hampton Arts in the late '60s, and then multiplexed into the Hampton Arts Cinemas in the mid-'80s.

The supports for the building's marquee gave out in mid-May, and the structure had to be removed or the Building Inspector would not have permitted use of the front lobby doors out of safety concerns.

What to do?  What to do?  Memorial Day Weekend is fast approaching... what to do?

Down came the rotting and unsafe marquee and up went some "temporary" canvas ban­ners... well before Memorial Day weekend.

At Thursday's meeting resident Ralph Folz told the Board that when he asked the venue's man­agement why it was taking so long to com­plete the repairs and get a new marquee in place, the response was:

"The Village is holding us up."

Unless one is an irredeemable Progressive, it is axiomatic that all Government is tradition­ally a pimple on the proboscis of that progress, but in this instance, it's neither the Village nor the approvals process!

This delay has been on the property's owner and/or lessee from the jump, whether due to funds, inertia or a disagreement between the tenant and landlord.

The remedy may come quickly now, as Build­ing Administrator Paul Houlihan reported to the Village Board that architect Nicholas Vero had just been retained to ramrod the project.

According to Mr. Vero:

"The new marquee is already fabricated and ready to be installed as soon as I complete my end."

While the architect sees the end of next week as a realistic completion date, any bets on Labor Day?

  1. Thank you, Jean Schweibish Shirley Eckart!


1. Scarlett said...

The roundabout plantings look terrific!!!!

And, the price was right! (And there's a story behind that part, as well!)

2. Tugboat Bertha said...

Why trees in the egg-about? Won't they obstruct driver's views when they grow bigger?

I dunno... when you drive through it, do you feel your vision is obstructed?

More importantly, it's not one's sight lines in front of you, but to one's left as the traffic flow within the circle is joined.

3. Surf's Up! said...

…and if those "trees" obstruct our view of the ugly theatre exterior, so much the better!!!

4. Seeker said...

I think the first person I ever heard call that thing in the middle of the intersection of Mill, Brook, Oak and Potunk, an "egg-about," was Shirley Eckart. Give credit where credit is due, Blog-meister!


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