Kabot DWI video admissible…

Friday, August 06, 2010

Kabot DWI video admissible…

...if and when the former Southampton Town Supervisor goes to trial in late October.

In a stunning blow to the defense, Riverhead Town Justice Allen Smith has made known his ruling that the video of Linda Kabot interacting with Westhampton Beach Police Officers Ryan Lucas and Steven McManus, as well as state­ments she made after being pulled over on Main Street, may all be used by the prose­cution should she proceed to trial.

Justice Smith, himself a former Riverhead Town Supervisor, had reserved his decision since refusing to allow Mrs. Kabot's attorney William Keahon to call Officer McManus to testify during the final day of three pre-trial hearings on July 19th.

Mrs. Kabot would seem to have only two options left at this juncture:

  1. Forge on to trial with the video and her statements certain to be used against her;
  2. Attempt to negotiate a plea with the District Attorney's office.

The problem with the latter option is that, having failed to block the potentially damning evidence, the "K-Team" is in a much less favorable position than it would have been 11 months ago when Mrs. Kabot was a candidate for re-election.

(OtBB's position ever since her arrest is that had Mrs. Kabot done a mea culpa and accepted the reduced plea tradition­ally available to first-time offenders, she might have succeeded in denying Anna Throne-Holst her seat in November.)

Of course, Mrs. Kabot could always instruct Mr. Keahon to haul out his well-practiced Foghorn J. Leghorn impersonation and try the smoke 'n' mirrors approach which Justice Smith wouldn't countenance, but which might play with a jury of the woman's peers.

(John and Jane Q. Public are much more susceptible to the conjuring of law en­forcement conspiracies than those who wear black robes.)

So, with the Prosecution in place... all hail assistant District Attorneys Josh Shapiro and Tony Baron... there are decisions for the "K-Team" to make, starting with how much good money are they willing to throw after bad.

Meanwhile, readers might like to review last Fall's "Linda, Erectus!"


1. HDHouse said...

Well all kidding aside... what happened to the erased tape minutes? This sounds so Richard Nixon "ish."

What are you talking about? What "erased tape minutes?"

What it actually sounds like is that either you haven't been paying attention, or you are an idiot... all kidding aside!

2. HDHouse said...

Well that's a bit harsh, Dean, don't you think?

If Ms. Woods of Nixon fame inadvertently altered 18˝ minutes or so and there is a short gap in the tape here it seemed like a reach but a cleverly intended reach - particularly as we have a grandson running for office.

If you prefer to be snippy then I'll take my electrons elsewhere. God knows I don't want to sound like an idiot.

  • Where you expend your electrons is up to you, of course, but if you "don't wish to sound like an idiot," don't post idiotic comments.
  • Nothing was "erased" from the Kabot DWI video, and if you'd been paying attention, you'd know that!
  • Justice Allen Smith viewed the video, heard the testimony and then ruled that the video could be admitted into evidence at trial. Does that seem like there could have been any "erased" footage?
  • What does "a grandson running for office" have to do with anything involving Mrs. Kabot?
  • I have little... as in z-e-r-o... patience with those who continue to promulgate information which has already been shown to be false.
"Harsh, Mr. House?" Not hardly enough!

I gave you the "out" of acknowledging that you hadn't been paying close enough attention. You elected to pursue the "idiot" option.

3. Fran Emerson said...

Actually, I think "harsh" is quite enough.

My blog, my standards.

I have utter contempt for those who deliberately or sloppily spread information which has been demonstrated to be false.

4. HDHouse said...

Oh Dean... your reputation clearly precedes you and much to your detriment.

One thing about being a hack reporter... it isn't to carry the hack stuff to your later endeavors.

If I knew you were in the pocket of oh so many I wouldn't have tried... but alas you are and I'm not.

PS: it is folly to post "rebuttals" when in the bottom of a glass.

Hasn't stopped you, has it?

Whatever my "reputation," you still came here to joust with me after making, and persisting to defend, an inane comment.

And I am aware that the mere thought of anything Nixon drives you into paroxysms of fear and need, but you have now lapsed into strings of "neener neener neener" non sequiturs.

5. HDHouse said...

Ya' know. I just reread your response.

I get it.

I get it that you don't get it.

If there was anything to be "gotten" that wasn't, then the fault is likely in the message.

6. Frank Wheeler said...

Who is this clown, Rick Murphy in disguise?

You may be a prick, but you're not a "hack reporter" and I don't think you're a drunk, or "in anyone's pocket."

So why are you still publishing his disjointed comments?

OtBB's policy is that I don't censor for content.

I discount his ad hominem accusations as pique because I called him on his idiocy about "erased tape minutes." I don't know Br'er House, or what's really on his mind, only that exchanges with him are like discussions with Hank Tucker. But as a rationalist, I suspect he's probably trying to use OtBB as a "link farm" to build greater visibility for his own blogspot... OtBB has the webtraffic he covets due to the advertising he includes. Let's see if he persists now that I've removed his embedded links.

7. HDHouse said...

Your self-inflated importance aside, I don't need nor care about traffic from here to me and you can publish or not, reject or not and my life won't differ an iota.

I suspect that running a vanity blog has its perks although I don't know what they would be... perhaps a a bicycle pump for those times when self-inflation is necessary.

Even if this is one of your most lucid comments of recent, how smart is it for you to keep coming back just to hurl invective at me? Hope you feel better.

Of course you are looking to build traffic to your blogspot. It's why you always include a link, #1, and, #2, how else are you going to make those "per referral" advs. pay?

You should probably quit now while you're only this far behind.

8. Watching Them said...

Actually HD, for the residents of this Village, Dean's blog has been a source of clarity on many issues that have plagued this Village for several years. In times when reporters seem to report only what they want their readers to see, THIS BLOG has presented true and honest facts... and ALL OF THEM.

As far as self-inflation, take the bicycle pump out of YOUR mouth.

Thank you, Dean, for this blog and your pursuit of the truth in this Village.

You're welcome... but like Joley said in '27, "you ain't heard (or seen) nothing yet!".

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