August Village Board Meeting

Thursday, August 05, 2010

August Village Board Meeting

The evenings of unexciting Village Board meetings continued for a second straight month with only a couple from Seafield Lane providing any non-standard fare during the 35 minute session.

Resolutions discussed during the July Work Session were passed, and there will be:

  • Less parking on Mill Road outside the Middle School.
  • A "4-way" stop sign installed at the intersection of Hazelwood Avenue and Rogers Avenue Extension, something for which area residents have agitating for several years.

Also authorized was the purchase of $170,000 worth of asphalt with which to resurface School Street, School Lane and South Road.

And in addition to the previously announced appointment of Terry Raynor to the Beautifica­tion Committee and naming former Village Trustee Ridgie Barnett its Honorary Chairman Emeritus, Elizabeth Failing was added to the group.

Two resolutions of note, both under the head­ing of "tidying up:"

  • Rescinded the March 2010 restriction dictating with whom the Village Attorney may communicate.
  • Authorized the retirement of Police Detective Steven Cunneen, effective August 21.

(Detective Cunneen had been suspended May 17th, but that issue was untimate­ly disposed of internally.)

In the public portion of the meeting, Seafield resident Ralph Folz, emphasizing that he felt obliged to address the Village Board about this matter on a semi-annual basis, rose to speak critically of the appearance and condi­tion of some of the "Village buildings."

The gentleman then cited several privately-owned properties: the Hampton Arts Cinema, Waldbaum's, the bowling alley and the demis­ed gas station on the site of the former Jessup & Stevens garage.

Mayor Conrad Teller directed Building Admin­istrator Paul Houlihan to respond, and he brought the Board and Mr. Folz up to date on the various projects involving those properties.

(Omitted from Mr. Houlihan's presentation was any didacticism regarding the role of Government in the private sector.)

Next to speak was Linda Folz, same address, who reintroduced the contentious issue of the Village's flourishing deer population whose no-longer-limited-to-nocturnal depredations are at a near crisis level.

Mayor Teller promised to reassess the Village's options and suggested that Mrs. Folz speak to "that man back there in the green shirt," indi­cating former Town Trustee Bill Bennett.

(Mr. Bennett's on-going battles with deer borders on the epic; his most recent con­frontation was chronicled here in April.)

Absent on the evening was Trustee Hank Tucker, but among those present at the lightly-attended meeting was failed Trustee candidate Charlie Palmer Jr.

Not broached during the Board meeting was the subject of the on-going Police disciplinary hearings who began this week.

Sources familiar with the matter indicated that the hearings involving Officers Michael Bruetsch and Joseph Pesapane have been held over until sometime in early September, but that both men would return to suspended-with-pay status within "several days."


1. SWG said...

Since you mentioned it... Do you know anything about what is going on with the bowling alley and the adjacent gas station?

Strictly speaking, I didn't mention it, Mr. Folz did.

The applications for the properties owned by Sunset West and Teserra LLC have been approved, but are still on the Planning Board's agenda pending receipt of applicants' Performance Bond and remuneration of Consulting Fees.

In short, the ball is in applicants' courts.

2. Old Part-timer said...

Come on! $170k to pave Tucker's road? Who the hell even travels that road? Couldn't that money be put to better use? On other items, one down and a few to go!!!

Ordinarily, I wouldn't put anything past Hank Tucker, but that area of the Village seems to need it, and it's not "Tucker's road," it's a Village street.

3. Eileen Dover said...

Thanks for the updates.

4. Old Part-timer said...

Blogger, you're starting to weaken. Come on, we know damn well they didn't pave the street for Pat Covello! Get your game face back on!

Okay, but then you've got to get your head out!

No, they didn't pave anything for Pat! What the Village Board did do, was cut off the School Street egress from Six Corners (thereby making it "Five Corners") and a much more exclusive, almost private street rather than a thoroughfare, at a time when three of the four Trustees lived right there!
– Dean

5. EastEnd68 said...

Thanks for showing real honesty and fairness-those roads do deserve repaving.

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