Why we should hate the <I>NYPost</I>

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Why we should hate the NYPost

Because of crap... not reportage, but flat-out "crap" (since OtBB tries to maintain certain language standards)... like this:

"She's the Coco Chanel of bank robbers, darling.

It's just because we're a "Hamptons" that The New York Post piles on such egregious crap for their readership.

And if you're one of those who buys that par­ticular tabloid, ask yourself "Why?" while you think about what The Post must think of you to publish such crap!

More excerpts from their version of yesterday morning's crime on Sunset Avenue:

"A woman wearing an oversize striped chapeau, sunglasses and fuzzy white slippers looked like she was headed to Bridgehampton polo yesterday."

(The way the robber looked, the only way she could have gotten into any event in Bridgehampton would have been to be smuggled inside the caterer's van!)

"The chic thief sashayed into Astoria Federal Savings...."

Either Post correspondent Kirsten Fleming and I have wildly differing notions of "chic" or she's making it all up as she goes along.

(I nominate the latter since Ms. Fleming doesn't know the difference between "robber" and "thief.")

Then there's the obligatory quote, obviously a fabricated one:

"'Oh, my God! It was mayhem here,' a rattled witness told The Post."

The silly girl is using another word she doesn't understand, "may­hem," because if anything, yesterday's bank robbery was notably free of "bodily injury," "random or deliberate violence" or even any sort of "rowdy disorder!"

And that's why we should hate the NYPost... they care little about information, only titilla­tion, and they fabricate and outright lie in order to do it.



1. Michael Jacobs said...

Q: How do you keep a New Yorker uninformed?

A: Take away his copy of The NY Post.

Q: How do you keep a New Yorker misinformed?

A: Give it back to him.

...good sports coverage though.

There ya go!

2. Rob F. said...

The Post does, however, have a good op-ed page, and presents a viewpoint sorely lacking in the other metropolitan dailies.

Wouldn't know... as I could rarely get past Page 3, I don't pick it up any more.

3. MJP said...

Now "fuzzy white slippers?"

Maybe we did have dinner in The Patio in the '50s!

4. Hampton West said...

I remember when Eric Clapton's child died by falling out a window this "newspaper" ran the photo of the deceased child lying on the pavement. [i]The Post[/i] is a rag of Enquirer quality - if that.

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