Bank Robbery on Sunset

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Bank Robbery on Sunset

Updated 07/31/2010 – 03:56 pm

A robbery occurred this morning at the Westhampton Beach branch of Astoria Federal Savings at 71 Sunset Avenue.

Contrary to earlier information, no firearm was displayed by the robber, described by police as "a black woman between 35 and 45 years old and between 5’4” and 5’7” inches tall."

Location of the armed robbery

All available Village police units responded, in­cluding Chief Ray Dean, Lieutenant Trevor Gonce and Duty Sergeant Robert Nordman, and Suffolk County Major Case Detectives.

Police presence was immediate and substantial

Still no word at this time of how much money was taken.

The Saturday hours of operation start at 8:30 am, and the crime occurred around 9:00 am.

See also reports on LongIslandPress and 27East.


1. Ben Dover said...

I saw the yellow tape and thought it may have been a robbery. Guess our sleepy little Village is no longer asleep.

2. Hunt Marckwald said...

HOLY S**T! That is scary.

"Scary?" Nah, probably nothing more than an unfortunate consequence of the economy.

3. Hunt Marckwald said...

Tell that to the person who was looking at the bad end of the weapon!

You need to calm down, ol' son.

4. Scarlett said...

Anyone else sharing my thought about the missing gun???

Madame's subtlety has escaped me.

5. Frank Wheeler said...

So, you initially reported an "armed robbery," while in reality there was no evidence to support the "armed" part.

If you're out there on the shores of Wildwood looking for a reason to do a little happy dance, get to it.

I reported what was told me by a source on the scene, whose opening words to me had been "No comment." Upon further inquiry, OtBB was told it was "an armed robbery," which is what I reported.

The account has since been corrected.
– Dean

6. MJP said...

Wearing white slippers, no less!


You're relatively new to this Internet thing, aintcha?

7. Tugboat Bertha said...

She was wearing white slippers? Cinderella perhaps?

Um, Cindy's slippers were said to be glass.

8. Rob F. said...

Perhaps she threatened to use a gub.

An oldie, but still a good yock.

9. MJP said...


What is that?


The next thing in "wireless" I hear tell.
– Dean

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