Where did 'Shame' Go

Friday, July 30, 2010

Where did 'Shame' Go

Circumstances last evening dictated dinner at Starr Boggs, then Performing Arts Center for their 5th Annual Long Island Comedy Festival

Dinner, as always, was terrific, but the comedy event was, um, erratic.

My wife loves "comedy clubs," while I am at best lukewarm to the concept.

(Jeanne is such a good audience for the performer, others tend to think the show is better than it actually is... she carries on uproariously throughout.)

One performer stood out at Thursday's show, the very funny and energetic Maureen Langan. In the parlance of that segment of show busi­ness, she "killed."

(One who didn't was Harrison Greenbaum whose whole act seemed to be a relent­less stream of F-bombs. I could've stayed home and listened to my wife when she learns deer have eaten her day lilies.)

An ancillary benefit of Ms. Langan's half-hour spritz was that she clued me to a current event that she and I both found mind-numbing:

Elliot Spitzer Gets Primetime CNN Show

(If had heard about this earlier, my mind must have rejected it and simply erased any reference to the matter.)

From CBS News' story of a week ago:

"CNN announced today that former New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer, who resigned from office following revelations that he had visited a prostitute, will be the host of a new prime­time show on the network"

Whaaaat? "Visited a prostitute?!?"

"Visited," as in:

"O, hi, Ash. Just in the neighborhood... thought I'd drop in and see how it's been going for you. Things okay at home?"

Is that what the disgraced former Governor's image rehabilition team is attempting to sug­gest, that Ms. Dupré was collecting $1,000 an hour for "visits?"

How coy can one get?

Clearly Spitzer is attempting a public come­back, as OtBB noted last year with his appear­ances on HBO's "Real Time with Bill Maher."

I'd ask what's wrong with the cable news monolith, but it's become obvious that CNN hasn't much cared about cred­ibility since its reckless (and since retracted) Operation Tail­wind/Sarin gas report in 1998.

New York Governor Eliot Spitzer announces his resignation

But where is Spitzer's sense of shame, barely 29 months follow­ing his public humiliation and grim-faced resignation with Silda Wall Spitzer equally grim at his side?

Maureen Langan's riff on CNN's signing Spitzer to co-host a show, and the New York Post's hiring of Dupré as a "sex/re­lationship advice" columnist, was hilarious.

But there was no mistaking her sense of out­rage, one which I share.


1. Ray Overton said...

Dean, the question I keep asking is how does Eliot Spitzer get a clean pass on the Madoff swindle. While the SEC has gotten roasted from not recognizing the Madoff Ponzi scheme, Madoff's license was actually under the scrutiny of the state of NY and its Attorney General's office. Remarkably, the Sherriff of Wall Street ignored Madoff completely. Could it be the same reason he ignored prosecuting the particular prostitution ring that he frequented (while relentlessly going after others). As Spitzer so proudly announced, he and his family were also swindled by Madoff. Guess when he thought he was making money, Madoff was an okay guy, just like his own prostitutes.

It appears that no one really wanted to go after that one, Ray... and the "whys" would just be surmises on my part.

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