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...on the Internet, of course, at the Internal Revenue Service site under:

"Exempt Organizations At-Risk
of Revocation - New York

...several local organizations in danger of los­ing their Tax Exempt status.

Prominent among them are the Westhampton Beach Police Benevolent Association and West­hampton Beach Beautification Committee Inc., both of which are included on page 692.

There have been assorted reasons why a dim view should be taken of the Village PBA, some detailed both here and on 27East, but many who continue to give to it do so because, well, "Hey!, they're cops and it's a worthwhile or­ganization... plus I can get a tax deduction."

Here's the rub: if the PBA loses its 501(c)(5) status, those contributions are going to... well, the word "trickle" comes to mind.

Just the fact that the PBA has ponied up $5,000 each for legal representation for sus­pended Police Officers Michael Bruetsch and Joseph Pesapane when their disciplinary hear­ings are held next week, should turn the donations spigot off!

Add to that the PBA's refusal to help with legal fees for Officer Steven McManus, the victim in this matter!, and one must question just how morally bank­rupt the police union is!

(OtBB has been reminded that when Detective Steven Cunneen was sus­pended, the PBA tossed him $5,000 as well! No word on whether he returned it when he agreed to accept Command Discipline a month ago.)

One thing is certain, whether the Westhamp­ton Beach PBA retains or loses its taxation status, a full audit of their books should be demanded, and the results made public.

The Beautification Committee situation is another developing issue... O, Joan! Did you really think no one would find out?


1. Old Part-timer said...

As I have been saying for years, taxpayers donating to the PBA, think about it! You are only betting against yourself. You give money to the cops who make over 100k while working on average less than 220 days with every benefit in the book, then they use your money to sue you when THEY screw up. Where is the sense in that. Wake up!! O did I fail to mention the other perks they do with your money: catered Christmas partys, Yankees, Mets, Jets and Giants tickets, golf outings..., do I need to continue!?

No, that'll do.

2. Scarlett said...

Yeah, she sure did!

3. Dune Mind said...

Wow, thank you for drawing attention to this issue and its potential consequences for the residents of the Village.

It should also be noted that the Friends of the Library, a separate 501(c)(3) from the Westhampton Free Library itself, has not filed a 990 since 2006. Yet they continue to raise funds on behalf of the Library and donate in-kind services on behalf of the "Pre-Library Enhancement Fund." [See middle column on page 2.]

This raises the question as to whether the Friends are soliciting these gifts, even if the gifts are checks made out to the Library itself; and if that is technically true, whether those gifts would be tax-deductible were the Friends to lose their tax exemption status.


4. First Hampton said...

Am I correct that Joan Levan is on the Board of two of the above three organizations... the Library and the Westhampton Beach Beautification Committee?

And this is a Village Trustee!!!!!!!!


I'm not certain what you're getting at... yes, Mrs. Levan is on the Board of Trustees of the Westhampton Free Library, but that's not the subject of the blog entry.

She did have control of the Beautification Committee, but not no mo'.

And of course, she is a sitting Village Trustee.

5. Tugboat Bertha said...

That long list of organizations under investigation looks more like a David Patterson witch hunt to find more ways to fill the State's coffer. He is desperate for money and I hope his desperation isn't a harbinger for future desperation of our own. What are your thoughts about this?

I care little for what Governor Petterson is upto elsewhere, only what "investigations" are on-going in the local area, and what will (at last!) be exposed.

Right now it's all about "the process," and this puts me in a personal/professional quandry, whether to write in depth about some of what's going on, or play the dutiful taxpayer and let the pros do "their thing" and see who leaves Six Corners in handcuffs or takes early retirement. (There should be at least three by year's end.)

Until the past several years I've always trusted in "the process," and been very disappointed in the recent results. I'm willing, up to a point, to allow this refurbished Administration to play their hand and see what sort of remedial results are wrought. I'm tired of having my tax dollars wasted paying for misfeasance, malfeasance and pet projects for non-essentials.

But I'm watching... I'm watching.

6. Bette Mullen said...

What exactly did Joan Levan do, other than beat you when you ran for the same office several years ago?

You're not from around here, are you?

Since you seem not to have been paying attention, go get a thermos of black coffee, sit at your monitor and review the past 25˝ months of OtBB. Then get back to us.

And for the record, I bear the Empress of Oneck no animus for beating me in 2007... that was entirely on me and my inadequate effort.

Besides, I much prefer writing to running the Village.

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