Big Day on Library Avenue

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Big Day on Library Avenue

Today's the day when the future of the West­hampton Free Library, as envisioned by its Trustees, will be decided by the voters of the district.

It's been discussed here extensively over the past several weeks:

…and numerous comments have been received and posted, but now it's "Truth Time" and we will learn whether the taxpayers are willing to add another $7.8 million of bonded indebted­ness to their tax bills which, over the past four years have already ballooned with the $30.8 million Westhampton Beach School District expansion and, within the Village portion of the District, the $5.45 million Six Corners Municipal project.

Polls open at 1:30 pm and voting will continue until 9:00 pm, with the results to be known shortly thereafter.


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