Jus' like the ol' days…

Monday, July 26, 2010

Jus' like the ol' days…

...of Charlie Bates' Tiana Beach Club not long after it'd been converted from a WWII Coast Guard rescue station into a very successful Dune Road destination.

During the days, when Mike Kammerer, Dave Royce and I parked cars @ $2 each, the sun, the sand and the surf was a huge draw, and each Saturday and Sunday we would jam 450-480 vehicles into a 400-car lot.

(The secret was we would park "by ear" instead of by sight.)

I thought of this earlier this evening when Jeanne and I tried to go to John Scott's Surf Shack for a light supper and to hear Johnny Romo's band... the line of cars backed up to the East reminded me of 50 years ago midday outside the entrance to Tiana!

Except this was just after 7:00 pm on a Mon­day, and the parking crew just wasn't up to the challenge... while they were backing and filling and trying to off-load incoming cus­tomers, there were easily another two dozen vehicles cued up with their turn signals on.

(In truth, given the relative size of the lot compared to Tiana's before the relocation of the dune reduced it by half or greater, I doubt that in our prime Mike, Dave and I could have done better!)

That we got shut out this evening is on us... Johnny had advised arriving no later than 6:30, and he knew whereof he spoke.

But after an active weekend, Jeanne was still mid-nap at 6:15 and I dared not awaken her.

Perhaps next week we'll try again, earlier.

But the way the waiting cars were loaded up like "$2 Tuesdays" at the Flanders Drive-In, it seems the word is out on where to go on a Monday in the Western Hamptons, so perhaps a 5:00 pm arrival is indicated.



1. Fran Emerson said...

We used to stuff 10 people into an old station wagon for those $2/car Tuesday nights! Whatever happned to the Flanders DI?

Hurricane Belle blew down the screen in August 1976... UA Eastern Theaters had to get special permission from the U.S. Department of Justice to not rebuild it before divesting of that property, along with the US Southampton and others, as part of an anti-trust consent decree.

2. Hampton West said...

Where exactly was it Dean? I arrived out East in 1978 and I knew there had been a Drive In but wasn't sure where.

By the way, I ran into an older biker type who was asking what ever became of the old beach bars that were centered around the present day Neptune on Dune Road - he rattled off some names like the "Eye," "Sand Bar" and "Hot Dog," any of these names mean anything?

It was on Flanders Road (Route 24) on the South side... the land is still there, overgrown and undeveloped. The studios and AM transmitter of Waldo's old WRCN radio station (1977-1980) was on the edge of it.

"Hot Dog Beach" is still there as is "The Eye" (circa 1968) but under another name, immediately East of Nepture.

3. Jeanne Speir said...

I know where the drive-in movie lot used to be. I stumbled upon it walking my son's old dog Louie, RIP, circa 2001 when I lived in the area. In the middle of a wooded area, we came to an area with rolling asphalt evident between the weeds and low shrubbery.

I loved the drive-in theaters as a kid.

4. Ray Overton said...

Didn't help that Jim Cramer made reference to not being able to get into John Scott's on Monday nights during a recent broadcast of Mad Money on CNBC. Nothing like free advertising (or maybe a free meal for Cramer when he's out here).

Quel cynic, Ray!

5. Johnny Romo said...

Thanks for the effort Dean. It is appreciated. "Monday Wing Night" is a hot ticket... 10˘ wings bring out everyone. Would love to say they were all there for the music but....

Sorry you got shut out.

It's not like you didn't warn me, Johnny! It was truly a snooze/lose deal.

6. Gordie Howe said...

Hey Dean ---

I love Johnny Romo but I would have gone for Jessica --- she's much cuter!


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