July Trustees Work Session

Thursday, July 22, 2010

July Trustees Work Session

Updated 07/29/2010 – 10:17 am

...on the Internet, of course, at the Internal Revenue Service site under:

"Exempt Organizations At-Risk
of Revocation - New York

...several local organizations in danger of los­ing their Tax Exempt status.

Prominent among them are the Westhampton Beach Police Benevolent Association and West­hampton Beach Beautification Committee Inc., both of which are included on page 692.

There have been assorted reasons why a dim view should be taken of the Village PBA, some detailed both here and on 27East, but many who continue to give to it do so because, well, "Hey!, they're cops and it's a worthwhile or­ganization... plus I can get a tax deduction."

Here's the rub: if the PBA loses its 501(c)(5) status, those contributions are going to... well, the word "trickle" comes to mind.

Just the fact that the PBA has ponied up $5,000 each for legal representation for sus­pended Police Officers Michael Bruetsch and Joseph Pesapane when their disciplinary hear­ings are held next week, should turn the donations spigot off!

Add to that the PBA's refusal to help with legal fees for Officer Steven McManus, the victim in this matter!, and one must question just how morally bank­rupt the police union is!

(OtBB has been reminded that when Detective Steven Cunneen was sus­pended, the PBA tossed him $5,000 as well! No word on whether he returned it when he agreed to accept Command Discipline a month ago.)

One thing is certain, whether the Westhamp­ton Beach PBA retains or loses its taxation status, a full audit of their books should be demanded, and the results made public.

The Beautification Committee situation is another developing issue... O, Joan! Did you really think no one would find out?


1. Eyes on 6 Corners said...

You call it "small but significant." I'd call it major, and since you like nautical lingo, a shot across the bow of Joan Levan.

Welcome back, Ridgie!

Okay, if you prefer something with more moment, how 'bout "a triumphant return to the Committee on which she worked so diligently for so many years?"

Yeah, that's actually better.

2. Jerry Steiner said...

Holey Moses... let's talk pies.

The wife calls me up from May's Farm Stand in Wading River. She says "they just delivered fresh pies"... I say's to myself nothing fresh coming of a truck. Peach or cherry. Go for peach. So I get home. A Holey Moses peach pie. Tell you one thing Mr. Wizard, I can't speak about the cheese cake but that pie was nasty! This "boi" knows how to work a kitchen! Pies and all. The Holey Moses ended up in the garbage. Your buddy Hank owns Holey Moses, yes? That "boi" should get back in the kitchen and stay the hell out of Village Hall.

Say Hank, you want to get even with Mr. Wizard? Send him a peach pie with your compliments....

Feel the love..... ice cold beer.... Jerry

In deciphering your semi-hop-hop constructs, it sounds like you really don't mean for Mr. Tucker to get back in the kitchen.

3. Tugboat Bertha said...

O happy day, Jerry Steiner is heard from again. I thought he didn't read the blog anymore. Welcome back to the conversation, Jerry.

4. Jerry Steiner said...

A BIG Shout out to Tug. A day without the pearls of wisdom from The Wizard is like a day without a Sausage & Egg Biscuit at McD. Especially if it's on sale.

What I meant was... I know how to work a kitchen. Oh yeah... take your pick. Butter crust, shortening crust. I, a/k/a this "Boi," knows. But then my edjumacation in Inglish wuz a wee bit lacking. You following me here Mr. Wizard?

My constructive criticism of the pie was meant for your pal Hank. He needs to get back in the kitchen and make things right. We North of the River and through the woods take our pies seriously. To say that this pie was made with love is a discratsia!

Feel the love.... ice cold beer.... Jerry

Thank your for the clarifications... one learns to never waive consecutive translation with you, ol' son.

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