Murphy: Unfund WHBPD

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Murphy: Unfund WHBPD

Sometimes the East End Independent is good for a hoot, mostly for publisher Jerry Della Femina's weekly "Jerry's Ink" column.

Of recent, though, it is not, and mostly be­cause of it's skewed coverage of Westhampton Beach politics and Editor Rick Murphy's absurd attempts to make valid judgments from his desk waaay East of the Canal.

Case in point, this week's lead editorial:

"It's also fair to assume that the testimony allowed by the judge raises real questions about the future of the Westhampton Beach Police Department."

OtBB also questioned the continued viability of the local police department in April when it looked like the then majority of obstructionists on the Village Board would prevail in their determined efforts that disciplinary hearings not be held, and that charges stemming from the Suffolk County Internal Affairs Report be white-washed.

Since then there has been an election, and the new-look Village Board immediately passed the resolutions necessary to move forward with the disciplinary hearings, while returning the running of the department to Chief Ray Dean.

(It must be pointed out that no part of June's Village election turned out to Murphy's liking.)

But the basis of Murphy's call for the disso­lution of the local police department, as the title of his editorial reveals, is the on-going "Linda Kabot Trial."

(Prefatory to his editorial was a disclaim­er: "The Independent went to press before Monday's pretrial hearing," so, as with many of Murphy's "opinions," he was not current when he wrote it.)

I cannot find fault with Murphy's implicit suggestion that the Kabot pre-trial hearing and, if there is to be one, trial, is a referendum on the Westhampton Beach Police Department.

But his "supporting material" is hogwash.

"The defense counsel ... allegation that the police targeted Linda Kabot, who was then the Southampton Town Supervisor, seems to have merit. His theory, that the South­ampton PBA put the word out to 'get Kabot' also has gained credibility."

With whom and where?

If Indy had been in the courtroom Monday afternoon, that "allegation" and "theory" was discredited by a pair of veteran officers.

"If all the evidence that has come out is ruled admissible, the prosecution is going to have a hell of a time making a case."

The only "evidence" at bar is the video record­ing, and if Justice Allen Smith allows it to be presented at an actual trial, it is the defense who will "have a hell of a time."

What Editor Murphy probably meant is "testi­mony," but then I was there and he wasn't and the prosecution looks to be in much better shape than Indy would have readers believe.

In the Department of Irony, he writes:

"The WHB force at this point has the reputation of being not only mean-spirited and inept, but ridiculously expensive."

...and then goes on to say:

"...the fat cat police chief is one of the highest paid on Long Island."

The lie was put to this calumny more than a year ago, so just who is "mean-spirited?"

(Justice Smith has yet to rule on the "in­ept" part.)

O, and speaking of keeping current:

"Three members have been suspended while remaining on full pay...."

Not no mo', Rick, not no mo'!

One issue I do not take with Murphy is his call that, "certainly a visit from the Suffolk District Attorney would seem in order."

Absolutely, but as long as the Tucker-Levan-Kametler troika stone-walled disciplinary hear­ings, neither the Suffolk County Police Depart­ment nor District Attorney Tom Spota had any incentive to waste further resources in West­hampton Beach if the results were going to be buried by the Village Board.

Rick, either report the whole story, or butt out!


1. Seeker said...

No doubt Murphy is of the ilk that still proclaims Obama hasn't produced a bona fide US birth certificate....

Um, has he?
– Dean

2. EastEnd68 said...

I guess Rick is still getting his weekly phone calls from Joan. Worst is that he's still listening.

That's not how I read it at all.
  1. The Empress never does anything she can send a flunky to do.
  2. That would be Hank, but after one 'phone conversation with him, Murphy, who still has to get an edition out each week, would never take another of his calls.
  3. The Finn would be the instrument of transmission.
Murphy may not be making any more late night boozy posts to OtBB but he still thinks Westhampton Beach is an easy target.
– Dean

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