Effin' <i>Newsday</i> !

Monday, July 19, 2010

Effin' Newsday !

From this morning's coverage of Linda Kabot's DWI case:

"Police testified they inadvertently erased a portion of the video while reviewing it."

No, they didn't! This is a material misrepre­sentation of what the Westhampton Beach Police Officers have testified to.


1. Rob F. said...

Newsday cannot be bothered to get the facts right. Even worse than the sloppiness and lack of inquisitiveness evident in their reporters is the indifference of their editors in correcting factual mistakes brought to their attention.

I speak from personal experience, having informed them of several factual or technical errors in their articles, columns and editorials over the years. They seem to only print a correction if there is an error in a photo caption for a Little League team or with the ingredients for a recipe. Their attitude is that the reader's sole remedy lies in a letter to the editor, as if correction of a fact is a matter of opinion.

2. Mrs Genetics said...

It's tough to get good help these days (years in Newsday's case??)

3. Girly girl said...

Newsday simply wants to sell newspaper and their policy is to damn police, teachers and firefighters. Facts are not important.

Rare is the time I ever see the newspaper, so I'll have to take your word on that.

4. EastEnd68 said...

Today's story was actually larger. I think the reporter actually went to court yesterday.

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