The Kabot <s>pre-trial</s> confusion

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Kabot pre-trial confusion

Whatever juju Linda Kabot's attorney William Keahon is conjuring from his bottle of scotch and his extensive trial background, seems to be having the effect he desires.

That immediate effect is widespread confusion in the media as well as some dubious report­ing... or at least discrepancies between the accounts on Newsday and in 27East.

(A rule of the reader's thumb is that Newsday never gets it right about anything east of Brookhaven Town.)

Keahon seems to be doing a bang-up job, in witness whereof the trial judge, former River­head Town Supervisor Allen Smith, has yet to rule on whether the prosecution will be allowed to enter into evidence the video record from Officer Ryan Lucas' vehicle showing Mrs. Kabot identifying herself, failing two of the three field sobriety tests administered, and refus­ing a breath-alcohol test.

The old adage is:

"When the law is against you, argue the facts. When the facts are against you, argue the law. When both are against you, attack the plaintiff."

...with the plaintiff in this instance being the Westhampton Beach Police Department, and the key to plaintiff's case is the video.

All the other stuff is Keahon very adroitly and noisily shooting spitballs and seeing what may stick to the courtroom wall.

One can but wonder what legerdemain he might use in representing Officers Michael Bruetsch and, if he's still clueless enough to not get his own lawyer, Joseph Pesapane at their upcoming police disciplinary hearings.

(L'affaire Kabot might well be a referen­dum on the outcome of those disciplinary actions.)

But as yet no "smoking gun" has appeared, no contrapuntal video of Ms. Kabot tossing back shots inside Magic's Pub just before her traffic stop, no secret memo from Southampton Town PBA detailing a scheme to entrap the woman... all stuff of conspiratorial speculation in various comment areas on 27East.

Ms. Kabot may be a local gal (11977) and may ultimately win acquittal on her DWI charge... hey!, O.J. walked away from his double-mur­der trial... but if she does so at the expense of the Westhampton Beach Police Department, she's dead to us as far as the political resur­rection hinted at in her recent mailing.

She won't care, of course, because it all starts with her vindication... at any cost.


1. HDHouse said...

When the coin flips there are two potentials and I discount landing on the edge.

There is much that kinda stinks about this entire affair - as all affairs stink. The PBA's Aubé might have a lot to say or nothing to say. The happenstance of this episode is full of clueless clues and grist for investigation no matter.

It is a shame that we have such an inept press serving us as the should be digging through the garbage cans but ... well their little perches in their cubicles don't really lend to anything other than a few phone calls and "can I get your comments."

Ohh for a remake of Citizen Kane.

There's less "grist for investigation" and more for the rumor mongers!

There's nothing anywhere to suggest that Ms. Kabot didn't do exactly what she's been charged with... and for the "set-up" speculations to hold any validity, would mean that she was interdicted somewhere on Montauk Highway, made to swill some wine, her mind clouded by one of Mandrake's hypnotic gestures to erase any consciousness of the stop, then directed to detour through downtown Westhampton Beach where Officers Lucas and McManus were waiting with open citation books.

Otherwise, where's the "set-up?"

What really "stinks about this entire affair" is how conjecture is being substituted for the factual.

Citizen Kane? "Remake?" Never!

And you mean, I believe, All the President's Men or Call Northside 777.

2. Hampton West said...

It's hard for me to imagine there was a sting set-up just waiting for her and I think she'll beat the rap but when I talk to my neighbors almost every one of them think there is something to the set up story and as such I think it won't do too much political damage. It appeared her own party was trying to dump her last election round - does this add to that rejection?

C'mon, they're still looking for the second gunmen in Dealey Plaza and the Ambassador Hotel... everyone loves a conspiracy! And those morons... "sjd"leaps to mind... who comment on the 27East stories about this, feed into it.

As for your neighbors, why do you think I left there 26 years ago?! Part of it's built on a toxic site and many of them have become brain-damaged!

Keahon is looking more and more like he's the present day Cochran-Bailey-Shapiro "dream team" rolled into one. The "facts" are against Linda Kabot (as well as the two Westhampton Beach cops awaiting disciplinary charges), and there's always the chance that Keahon can dazzle'em and baffle'em and prevail. The one thing he has going against his client(s) is that there's no jury in the pre-trail hearing and the disciplinary hearings, just professionals in a Town Justice and Arbiter.

You're right about the Town GOP, most of whom still have ties to Junior Heaney who she had the temerity to oust in a primary and deny him a last term. I'll always be grateful to her for that!

3. Hampton West said...

Gee Dean, I thought you left because you figured out that the real Area 51 was not at Nellis AFB but really at Westhampton and our development was really a site dedicated to inhabitants from outer space and that Gwen R was really from Mars.

4. HDHouse said...

Hmmmm, in this Village? A puff of smoke generally means an underground fire.

We will hope for the best but expect the worst however that plays out. There are plenty who would fool around here if given half a chance - petty politics reaches new low on East End screams the headline - and plenty who act honorably. We just need to know which wooden indian is which.

Um, okay.

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