The Boss is dead...

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Boss is dead...

George Steinbrenner, Yankees’ Owner, Dies at 80

And me, a Dodgers' fan of 60 years standing!

I grew up hating the Yankees, not just because they beat the Brooklyn Dodgers in the World Serious on a seeming annual basis, but also my formidable father, a non-sports fan who dismissed my abiding enthusiasm for baseball in general and my choice of rooting interest in specific, brow-beat me with his smugly artic­ulated mantra:

"The Yankees are a 'money team.' Never bet against the Yankees!"

(That he lived just long enough for the Amorós catch and Podres shutout was a personal vindication as I never again had to hear that mantra as he died before the Yankees got back to the routine of beat­ing the Dodgers the next Fall.)

By the mid-'60s, however, the Yankees were but a whisper of their former selves... which I enjoyed immensely, of course... and in January 1973 Steinbrenner and a investment group which included dubious personages like John DeLorean and Nelson Bunker Hunt, purchased the Yankees from CBS.

In his first statement to the media, the new owner promised not to interfere with on-field operations, one of the many fictions he prom­ulgated over the years.

And despite his two(!) forced "retirements" from the game, George Steinbrenner led the New York Yankees back to not only promi­nence, but greatness with his lavish spending and relentless pursuit of the best players he could buy.

No other professional sports franchise has enjoyed such success throughout its history, and of its 27 World Championships, seven happened under Steinbrenner... not to mention 11 pennant winners.

And one reason why the Yankees have been able to "buy" the players necessary to make them perennial contenders, is that the net $8.8 million Steinbrenner invested in 1973, is now valued at upward of $1.5 billion!

As a New York sports figure, George Stein­brenner was as entertaining as he was often infuriating... he was a massive presence in the area, and we may never see his likes again.

Long live The Boss!


1. Goodnight and goodluck said...

First the Voice of the Yankees, and now the Boss. Tough week if you're a Yanks fan....

2. WHBYankee said...

Not to mention Big Poopi won the Home Run Derby. Ugh! It will all be made up for when they win their 28th Championship this year. <g>

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