Aw, shut up, Jesse!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Aw, shut up, Jesse!

The last person I want to hear from on any subject is that racist hypocritical media-thug, the no-so-Reverend Jesse Jackson, especially on the subject of LeBron James.

But now he's back in the news accusing Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert of seeing his former hoops superstar as "a runaway slave."

Jackson's most inflammatory language refers to Gilbert's open letter to Cav's fans after James abandoned the Cleveland team in favor of playing in Miami with two other free agent superstars.

Hey!, screw Jackson, and screw the media for paying any attention to the unctuous old fraud and race baiter.


1. HDHouse said...

Ahhh, just when I was sure that we had lost our last ounce of social consciousness.

2. Paramarine said...

Like the NBA, he's struggling to be relevant again.

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