Louie (1994-2010)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Louie (1994-2010)

What a long unusual trip it was for Louie Ra­kowski, from being discovered abandoned in a box outside Brookhaven Town shelter by my wife's nephew Alex, to a last look at the Pacific Ocean yesterday morning before his master Baier had to do that terrible and loving act.

I'd like to think that Louie had a good final run and leg-lifting along the sands, but his physi­cal condition likely dictated an unsteady walk and that "forward-leaning pee position" com­mon to very young and very old male canines.

Louie Rakowski (1994-2010)

From the moment he arrived chez Rakow­ski, he was "Baier's dog," and the two young males bonded immediately.

Later when Baier went off to college and his mom struck out on her own, Louie went with her... he and Baier's dad took extremely dim views of one another.

For a time they lived in a second story garage apartment in Flanders, and when Jeanne would go off to work, Louie was alone for ten hours at a time which made her feel guilty.

So after we had been spending time with one another, I offered to have Louie come and stay with "da goils," Ms. TeeJaye and Jessica Rug­netta Naughty Dog, on East Main.

Jeanne was curious as to how well Louie would be accepted by the Rottweilers into their home, but they'd already socialized on his turf, so the relocation never presented any problem.

In truth, in Louie's view, he probably felt he was fine by himself in Flanders, and wondered what he had done to deserve the constant company of "da goils."

But they actually got along famously... he and Ms. TeeJaye generally ignored one another, and being very close in age, he and Jessie played nicely together.

On the beach or at the wooded area behind Hampton West where Jeanne let them loose, Louie the bullet could out-run them both!

Not long after, in successive years, "da goils" succumbed to cancers which, having lost my Breed the same way back in '96, made me wonder if there was some Love Canal/environ­mental thing going on here... there was that J2 av-fuel spill at the air base in the late '60s which led to the residents of Peters Lane subsisting on bottled water while the Water Authority hastily laid pipe on their street.

But no, Louie was an absolute horse health-wise and, such was his constitution, would, if one of us was unwary, pounce on and consume a road-killed squirrel or some flotsam sea creature without ill-effect.

About four years ago, Baier decided to himself relocate, out to Portland, Oregon... and at the last minute thought to bring his dog with him, which fact delighted his mother. Not, mind you because we wanted to be free of Louie, but, well, because moms worry and she favored the idea of the two keeping one another company on the meandering drive across country.

There Louie embedded himself into the West Coast community as effortlessly as he had on East Main, and spent his remaining years de­lighted to be in the company of Baier as the ravages of the dog years took their toll.

Yesterday he let Baier know it was time.

He had a great run for a dog his size... he would have turned 16 sometime this month.

Louie relaxing

This is how we mostly remember Louie... in his favorite snoozing position on Baier's futon.


1. Jeanne Speir said...

May ol' Lou be in a place where he once again lithely chases the Winter sea foam.

2. Speonk4Ever said...

Louie was luckly nephew Alex rescued him -- Brookhaven is NOT a "no kill" shelter.

My friend Frank Bickley at Westhampton Pet informed me of this in 2003 after we'd adopted Gracie out of there... made me shudder. (I reminded her of what she'd been spared every time she pooped inappropriately that first year or so.)

3. Surf's Up! said...

What a beautiful eulogy, Dean. Louie was loved, so he was a lucky shelter dog.

I hope that in time Baier will be able to open his heart to save another good dog from a bad shelter situation.

Ironically, Louie never made it into the shelter... nephew Alex "rescued" him from where he'd been abandoned outside the Brookhaven Town Pound.

4. Tugboat Bertha said...

O my, another dear soul gone to meet his maker. Rest in peace dear Louie. Your mother loved you well.

5. Barbara Ramsay said...

Oh hell Dean. Now I'm crying! Rest In Peace, Louie.

6. Dog Lover said...

Truly sorry to hear about Louie. Losing a pal totally sucks.

I hope Louie is up in doggie heaven running free with Jessie.

Louie was a neat guy... had the daintiest feet I've ever seen on a dog. Looked like black leather Manolo Blahniks but without heels.
– Dean
My thoughts to all of you.

7. JoAnn said...

Louie, the memories will last forever. He is at "The Bridge" running, playing and waiting.

8. Dragonette said...

Never saw a dog enjoy a chew toy as much as Louie did. I had a big soft spot in my heart for him. RIP Louie.

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