July Planning Board Meeting

Thursday, July 08, 2010

July Planning Board Meeting

Hadn't looked in on the Planning Board in a while, and with the resumption of its Chair by Vic Levy, I thought I'd look in to see if there was going to be any hitch in the transition from the previous Board to what shall hence­forth be known as "LevyII."

Mostly I was interested in observing the de­meanor of the two distaff members of the Board, the ones who'd made a minor fuss at Tuesday's annual Village Board Organizational meeting over the purging of Ralph Neubauer.

Nope! Both ladies were no shows, as the Chair announced that they would not be in attend­ance as one was in Cleveland on business and the other had pressing family matters.

(It is not known whether the "business in Cleveland" involved LeBron James.)

The Planning Board calendar was called, the meeting proceeded quickly and smoothly.

The sole bit of drama occurred at the very end when the attorney for Westhampton Beach Associates LLC (a/k/a: "the Muchnicks") again attempted to nudge a re-opening of the application... and was handed his hat.

In all, an auspicious return to the Chair for Mr. Levy.


1. Tugboat Bertha said...

Interesting that the two disgruntled ladies of the Planning Board could not show up at the meeting tonight. How many meetings can one miss before getting replaced? Or are there no sanctions for continuous no shows? Not that these ladies are continuous no-shows, just askin'....

I don't believe that there's any hard and fast formula for how many meetings one can miss. In the past, those for whom "making meetings" was a problem, usually have the good graces to resign.

However, I don't think this evening's MIAs were part of any "job action," so much as it just worked out that way.

2. First Hampton said...

It must be Christmas in July. Sanity returns twice in one week.

3. EastEnd68 said...

What were the Muchnicks trying to apply for? Please refresh my memory.

Refresh your own... that's why OtBB has a site search function.

It was amusing last evening when applicant's attorney tried to back-door a modification to the finalized site plan... a formal request for which had been previously denied... and Chairman Levy reminded him that he was intimately familiar with the Muchnickian project, having spent several years (during LevyI) of hearings, and another six months being sued by them.

4. EastEnd68 said...


5. HDHouse said...

Well, one certainly enjoys a snarky blog, ya'betcha.

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