Thursday, July 08, 2010


From this morning's Southampton Press Western Edition story about the restoration of Trevor Gonce's Lieutenancy:

"...some speculated at the time that Lt. Gonce's demotion was spurred by his response to a February 2007 incident in­volving former Deputy Mayor Jim Kametler....

According to a police report, Mr. Kametler, a former Village Police officer, fired his licensed handgun five times outside his Oak Street home."

Fine, except that neither Kametler nor his Smith & Wesson revolver were "licensed" at the time because, rocket scientist that he is, Kametler was not aware that he was just like any other civilian once he left the Police Department, and needed to be licensed.

(According to sources, the licensing proc­ess was accommodated on an expedited basis for the former officer so as to avoid Felony firearms charges.)

And while the actual number of rounds dis­charged cannot be verified, at the end of the March Village Board meeting, in response to a good-natured opossum jape by Vic Levy, an anguished Kametler declaimed:

"It was only three shots!"

Given that it falls into the category of an "Excited Utterance," I'll give it credence.


"Lt. Gonce, who responded to the call, did not arrest Mr. Kametler, stating at the time that he feared retribution from the former deputy mayor."

His fears, of course, were well-founded.

But as a point of clarification, Jim Kametler was the Deputy Mayor at the time of the February 2007 Great Oak Street 'Possum-Shooting event, and didn't become "the former deputy mayor" 'til the July 2009 Organizational meeting.


1. Michael Jacobs said...

I'm glad to see Trevor's rank and responsibilities restored. I believe him to be a good man and, having observed his work on the street, know him to be a good cop.

That said, it's a shame that "fear of retribution," however real or feasible, should be reason not to carry out one's duties. It says volumes about the atmosphere that existed in Village government.

Congratulations to Lt. Gonce and best wishes to the entire police department. Do your best to insure the safety and security of our residents and visitors... and even the occasional possum. Do your duty without fear of retribution as long as you are doing the right thing.

2. Jeanne Speir said...

Hear hear! I'll second that well-stated motion!

Yes, dear.

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