This caught my ear...

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

This caught my ear...

...and I thought it worth sharing even though it's three weeks old.

Sub-titled "A Fisherman's Ode to the Oil Spill," singer/songwriter Leonard Scott's evocative and bitterly ironic "BP's Coming To Take Good Care of You" is in the American folk tradition of responses to current events.

(Imagine what Woody Guthrie or young Bob Dylan could have done in the time of YouTube and the Internet.)

The floating petroleum from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill has already raised Florida's Gulf Coast, and there's no credible means of forecasting how far it will or will not migrate.

I don't expect to see it in the Moriches Inlet any time soon, but I recall the Westhampton beaches during WWII and the tar my mom had to peel from my feet upon returning from a visit to the ocean. It was a by-product of the oil from Merchant freighters torpedoed by Nazi U-boats operating off the coast.

What's gushing into the Gulf of Mexico now has terrible long term economic and ecological implications... and hurricane season hasn't even started.

The entity taking the heat for this is BP which was in the middle of a five-year lease with Transocean Limited, the world's largest off­shore drilling contractor.

Lotta bad press being generated here.

I cannot help but muse at who big media would have targeted had this disaster occurred in the 2001-2008 time frame.


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