NOW he tells us!

Thursday, July 01, 2010

NOW he tells us!

Or at least tries to.

This morning's Southampton Press Western Edition "noteworthy news" item is in a small box found on Page 4, captioned:


"The story 'Clean Sweep For Unity Party' in the June 24th edition of The Press sug­gested that Westhampton Beach Village Trustee candidate Charlie Palmer, who lost his election bid, was opposed to holding disciplinary hearings for two previous­ly suspended Westhampton Beach Police officers. In fact, Mr. Palmer had said he could not say whether or not he would support holding hearings until Police Chief Ray Dean released documentation request­ed by the current Village Board."

OtBB suggests that the only clarification required is Junior Palmer knows, or should have known, that the "documentation request­ed by the current Village Board" could not be released for reasons already explained by both Mayor Conrad Teller and Chief Dean.

So in reality, what that June 24th Southamp­ton Press report suggested was accurate, Junior was not in favor of holding the upcom­ing disciplinary hearings.

And to take that matter a step farther, for reasons which are not yet clear, Palmer has long made no secret of his animus toward Chief Dean, and his desire as a Trustee "to hold the Chief fully accountable."

And after Tuesday's annual Organizational Meeting when Chief Dean is again given the authority which properly accompanies the responsibility for his department, he will be held accountable.

And now for a Correction

Turning to Page 6, we find Hallie Martin's informative report headlined:

Unity Party Outlines Agenda

...which immediately comes a cropper with the sub-headline:

Three trustees now control Village Board

Let's see... Mayor Teller, Trustee Toni-Jo Birk and Trustee-elect Leola "Sue" Farrell.

Yup! That makes it two (2!) Trustees and one Mayor.

And one cringe-inducing diction gaffe

In an un-bylined Page 8 story about Dr. Mary Pearl's departure as Stony Brook Southampton Dean and Administrative Vice-President, we find this horrendous usage:

"...some of its most unique programs...."

"Unique" is just that, unique, and cannot be modified.

It cannot be "most unique" or "almost unique" or "nearly unique" or "less unique," only "unique" or "not unique."

As with "pregnant," you is... or you isn't!

And for any language pedant (take note, Douglas Mackaye Harrington, you fatuous dismal-dreaming malt-worm), that is as nails upon a chalkboard.


1. Brendan said...

The Mayor is also a trustee. That's why it's called the "Board of Trustees," and not the "Board of Four Trustees and a Mayor."

I don't believe so, Brendan. If the Mayor was selected/elected from within the Village Board, you might be correct.

As he (or she) is elected separately and specifically as "Mayor," and has ex officio powers distinct from those of a Trustee, I don't believe your contention is correct.
– Dean

2. Frank Wheeler said...

Nit-picking the local newspaper again?

I think only the second item might be termed "picking nits."

On the first, I was actually supporting The Press' initial editorial choice... can only imagine Editor Frank Costanza just gave it a "what-the-hell,-g'wan-get-out-of-my-office" call just to get rid of Junior.
– Dean

3. Seeker said...

Care to address my pet peeve respecting the popular usage of the phrase "the exact same thing?"

[Cue Jimmy Cagney in Mr. Roberts:] "All right! Who did it? Who did it?"

4. Beth Flanagan said...

Another "pet peeve:" mis-placed apostrophes....

Annoying, I admit, but nothing as repulsive as attempting to modify the unmodifiable!
– Dean

5. EastEnd68 said...

Is Tuesday's meeting open to the public? It's not on the Village calendar.

Au contraire. Seek and ye shall find.

Deputy Village Clerk Christine Owen directs you to the link in the menu on the right.

It's this coming Tuesday, and is, of course, open to the public.
– Dean

6. Tugboat Bertha said...

We will go to Tuesday's meeting early to be sure to get a seat.

Good plan.

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