What <i>is</i> that sound?

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What is that sound?

When I was in my single digits and susceptible to the usual array of childhood diseases, if I was abed and feverish, there was often an ac­companying sound as if there were a hundred flies buzzing.

I've never figured what that juvenile auditory sensation was about, but was reminded of it while watching the FIFA World Cup matches over the past several weeks.

No matter the venue of the contest, any time one flipped to one of the ESPN channels cable­casting the game, that loud drone was omni­present in the background.

Just finished watching the exciting Paraguay-Japan match from Pretoria, won by the South American country on penalty kicks following 120 minutes of scoreless play.

But during the many cut-a-way shots of the crowd, mostly of the Japanese partisans in some truly outlandish get-ups, I learned the source of that sound... "vuvuzelas."

A vuvuzela

The long plastic lung-powered horns are blown by fans a-l-l match long, and quickly become maddening.

Then, if one hasn't flipped to another channel for ear relief, after awhile the viewer might be­­come used to them.

If I was actually in the stands, though, I think I would go mad!

Spain versus Portugal starts shortly and should be a great, and highly emotional, contest.


1. Champ19 said...

Dean, the MUTE button, the MUTE button.

Can't tell the players without a scorecard, Jan, so I need to hear what Ian Darke, Adrian Healey and Derek Rae have to say, damnit!

2. Hampton West said...

Half time: scoreless.

Suppose both games go 0-0 and are decided by shootouts? Why bother playing the regular game?

I have a funny feeling Portugal will win, if only to drive Señor dela Fuente crazy - I know he's sitting in the tireshop waiting room watching the game.

It's the up and down the field action... pretty exciting!

Didn't know Angelo was a big fútbol fan.

3. Elyse Richman said...

And yes they are available at Shock Kids, but you will have to wait, we are all sold out at the moment.

Elyse, you know I loves ya, babe, but you never miss any opportunity to hike up your skirts and whistle at sailors, do you?

4. Hampton West said...

Oh big time indeed - Spain is his team.

If I'm around I'm going to stop by and watch Paraguay/Spain -- I coached youth soccer for many years in New York and refereed high school games in NYC as well as youth leagues - a lot of fun!!!!

Angelo must be happy -- Spain has a shot at the final and once they figured out Portugal they had total control.

Well, he sure needs cheering up after the loss of "his man" on the inside.

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