Only a hellacious budget crunch...

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Only a hellacious budget crunch...

...could have caused the Maywood, California city council to take this drastic a step:

California City Fires All Workers, Including Police

That's major for any municipality!

The responsibility?

"...the city council, which voted unanimously for the plan, said irresponsible manage­ment by the previous city council had left Maywood in dire financial straits. "

(Ah, yes! The problems were inherited... the standard refrain of any administra­tion in any such straits.)

"Our community will continue to receive quality services," stated Maywood Mayor Ana Rosa Rizo, including "free WiFi service."

(The theory being, give'em free 'Net ac­cess and they won't notice the their police are gone and the municipality has lost its insurance coverage.)

An old friend and contemporary Village resi­dent of many decade's duration, sent along the link with a brief message:

"Here's a thought..."

The implication was clear... yeah, the Village Unity Party swept to victory last week, so there's no longer that obstructionist majority for an excuse.

"We're watching to see what you do next."

Mayor Teller, Trustee Birk and Trustee-elect Farrell... don't falter now! Because if you haven't figured it out by now, the Levan machine won't let up.

And don't make me point out in detail what "inherited problems" two of you have made for yourselves.


1. Gabrielle Dejesus said...

Soooooo, what??? You want to shut down village government?

The Village Unity Party has a mandate... not a strong one, but a mandate just the same.

Let's see if they can get the business of the Village done, or whether there will be back-sliding.

2. Seeker said...

You missed the real point here, if this is the same story I heard on NPR this morning. The "dire financial straits" arose from the number of lawsuits brought against Maywood's police department.

"Missed?" Perhaps, if that had been the thrust of this entry.

But a quick 'Net search found this story from 15 months ago, which is exactly on point as to what led to the present situation.

The Police Department is but one (large) issue of potential legal liability in Westhampton Beach... the Planning Board is the other that the newly refurbished administration must quickly address.

But thanks for keeping me on the balls of my feet.

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