When did <i>this</i> happen?

Sunday, June 27, 2010

When did this happen?

This popped up on Google Alerts recently from MyHotel.ws' Hotel and Travelling{sic} informa­tion page:

"Although the Westhampton area, including the incorporated villages of West Quogue, Westhampton Beach, and West Hampton Dunes, is considered a little more like Long Beach than the rest of the Hamptons...."

Can we ignore the implications of a "West Quogue" in which a disgusted Quiogue has completely broken away from the current divisiveness of 11978 to more closely align itself with 11959?

If Quogue's own home Webpage states:

"Quogue proudly stands apart from the 'Hamptons Scene...'"

...how will the Orr and Baird families survive any Quogue being mentioned in the same paragraph as Long Beach much less compared to that town?

The language on MyHotel.ws' "About" page...

"At myhotel.ws you would find many great and useful information about hotels and travelling{sic}."

...suggests that English is not the writer's native tongue, but still, questions must be asked at the next Quogue Village Board meeting.


1. WhySoSerious said...

The word "travelling" is very good ENGLISH so AMERICAN may not be the writer's native tongue. I am not familiar with the website but judging by the rest of the sentence you quoted it may well be that ENGLISH isn’t either.

Just so.

2. Sandy Saltwater said...

When did this happen? I did not find this on the Quogue website? I know this post was from a few years ago so maybe it has been removed by now? Thanks, Sandy

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