Behold El Taj Levan!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Behold El Taj Levan!

Today being the big day, our newest public building has finally and formally opened.

According to The Southampton Press Western Edition by way of 27East:

"The Westhampton Free Library will open its new $7.8 million facility...."

Um, actually it's a $7,827,820 facility, but hey!, you know Joan Levan, she doesn't like to quibble, whether it's about pennies or tens of thousands of dollars, as long as it's our money.

The Library at 10:45 am

This what our tax dollars, now and for the next 19 years, got us, a 14,250-square-foot edifice on Library Avenue, with a current annual oper­ating budget of $2.36 million.

(Miss Augustus Meeker and Aunt Char­lotte Winters are writhing in their final resting places.)

The grand opening celebration seemed to have been a success:

The Library at 1:15 pm

Many local luminaries attended... aside from the "by invitation only" Westhampton Free Library Board of Trustees, there was the Hon­orable State Senator Ken LaValle (more about his involvement later) and Assemblyman Fred Thiele (see below) were there as well.

Coincidental Coda...

Under the heading of Rank Hath Its Privileges, another graduate of the Empress of Oneck's School of Entitlements:

The Thiele mobile

...Assemblyman Thiele, running late for the ribbon-cutting and all important attendant cameras, elected to ignore the "Parking for Rite Aid Customers Only" sign.


1. Jimmy Bond said...

Oh Dean, don't you remember, rules are for mortals to follow not someone as important as Assemblyman Freddy Thiele.

Rank has always had its privileges.

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