An update on an old entry

Saturday, June 26, 2010

An update on an old entry

Received Thursday last a strong Comment from former Southampton Town Councilwoman (her description, not mine) Carolyn Zenk in response to a blog entry from last October.

I don't know whether someone just now called Ms. Zenk's attention to that entry, or if she was Googl'ing herself to see what she's been up to, but her words would otherwise be lost to most if contemporary notice and a link were not provided.

Carolyn Zenk

She made the effort to put forth her position "for the record," and it should not be "buried" just be­cause her response wasn't timely.

Also for the record, Ms. Zenk and I may have worked at The Hampton Chronicle-News at the same time in the mid-'80s.

Just in the interests of full disclosure.


1. Clarity said...

I wonder if everytime she signs her name she puts "former councilwoman" after it. Go crawl back under your rock!

That's not very charitable.

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