The lessons of Watergate...

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The lessons of Watergate...

Updated 06/23/2010 – 10:13 am

...truly have been lost on the Empress of Oneck, as we learn from intrepid beat reporter Hallie Martin's updated report on 27East:

"But on Tuesday, Ms. Levan said she told Westhampton Beach Police Chief Ray Dean that she did not trespass. In fact, she said she was home at that time on June 16 with two friends, Freear Pollard Barnwell and June Sellin."

To refresh recollections since the foregoing is a bit misleading1:

  • Someone, subsequently identified by an eyewitness, retired Suffolk County Police Officer James Arrasate, entered Stephen Arrasate's property uninvited last Wednesday afternoon, and inter­rogated a 12-year-old female family member about who resided at that Beach Road premises.
  • Interviewed by Chief Ray Dean at police headquarters Friday morning, Mrs. Levan insisted that it wasn't her, momentarily faltering when told that there had been an eyewitness.
  • Later that morning, when contacted by The Southampton Press, Mrs. Levan stated "I have no comment."

After an uneventful weekend following an across-the-board defeat of her three unaligned candidates at the polls on Friday, Mrs. Levan and her fellow Trustee (and losing Mayoral candidate) Hank Tucker spent the better part of Monday trying to learn who had "leaked" news of the Incident Report naming her.

(Mrs. Levan seems to have no concept of how New York State's Freedom of Infor­mation Law works.)

Somewhere along the line Mrs. Levan also found time to enlist the aid of two of her close friends, the ladies Barnwell and Sellin, and Tuesday offered them to Chief Dean as alibis for the time the trespass occurred.

The curious timing of this latest development?

"Ms. Levan said she waited until Tuesday to tell her side of the story based on the advice of her lawyer, whom she declined to identify."

The ol' unidentified attorney story, eh?

(Last time it was Tom Moore, but the smart money is on Jim Going this time out.)

The lesson of the Watergate break-in was that it wasn't the break-in that brought down the Nixon administration, it was the attempt at a cover-up.

What is being done here is:

  1. The story is being kept alive well past the duration of normal Police Blotter entry;
  2. The utterances of Mrs. Levan and her pals are irritating the hell out of the Arrasate family who were initially not inclined to press charges.

And when Ms. Barnwell issues a dismissive and patronizing statement to The Press...

"Clearly, somebody must look like [Mrs. Levan]. And a 12-year-old child will not really know."

...that may have been as a red flag to a bull.

Line-up and lie detectors, anyone?

  1. Ms. Martin has since revised her report to clarify this sequence and to include a statement by Police Chief Ray Dean.


1. Ben Dover said...

Now it's getting fun! Nice to watch her squirm. Please remind her she can get on her broom and leave town anytime she wants. Go find another village to torture.

2. Eyes on 6 Corners said...

You may have the wrong tall, white-haired attorney… think "School Board" not "Country Club."

Really? What would he have been promised?

But you could be right... the Joan and Hank Show were showing a new interest in the School Board this past Winter. (A possible new domain for the Empress' annexation?)

3. Unregistered CI said...

Let me get this straight.

First the woman says "I wasn't there."

Then, told there was an eyewitness ID, she says (less strongly) "It wasn't me."

Finally, four days later, she says she has eyewitnesses of her own that will say she was with them at the time others say she was trespassing a mile or so away.

I think this is above the Chief already -- he should call in the State Police's Bureau of Criminal Investigation and let them run with it.

Yes, that seems to get the essense of this burgeoning story.

Not sure if it should be handed off to NYSP BCI, but since there are conflicting stories, all involved should give sworn statements. I know that some of Mrs. Levan's supporters have shown no compunctions about swearing falsely in the past, but there's a difference between lying to a Board of Elections worker and law enforcement investigators. (Isn't there, officers Bruetsch and Pesipane!)

4. Woodstein said...

A notable coincidence - the Watergate break-in was on June 17 (1972); the Levan trespassing incident was June 16. Maybe mid-June is to blame?!?

You mean, I believe, "the alleged Levan trespassing incident," but yes, the similarities abound. And if it was August, it could be attributed to sunspots.

5. Frank Wheeler said...

This is all very amusing, but it really isn't "Watergate," you know.

I am aware of that, but "Watergate" wasn't "Watergate" 'til the people in power started scrambling around to cover it up. That's why everyone (but one) went to jail.

6. EastEnd68 said...

I have to conclude that Joan and her witnesses are lying. James Arrasate is a very creditable witness who knows what he saw. Bet Joan's fingerprints are all over those gate latches.

Bet we'll never find out.

If your conclusion is correct, the really puzzling part is, what exactly does the Empress put in that Koolaid she has her sycophants chug-a-lugging?

7. Jimmy Bond said...

As I hear it, the Empress of Oneck was actually kidnapped by Howard Hunt (a la Martha Mitchell) and taken to that house to be interrogated.

Egad, sir! You may be onto something.

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