Why I hate <i>Newsday</i>...

Monday, June 21, 2010

Why I hate Newsday...

...and there are so many reasons that it's hard to focus on just one... but I'll try.

This came from Sunday's edition, a story with the ambiguous headline:

Newsday, June 20, 2010

Okay, what are we talking about here?

Were members of a congregation denied en­trance to a temple? Or were Jews purposefully excluded from a foot race?

Either way, the headline is inflamatory... and misleading!

The accompanying photo is typical Newsday... the focus being a heavyset female looking like she's about to break out blubbering!

The text of the article, by Yamiche Alcindor, delivers far less than the headline promises:

"...police told Karen ... that he wasn't allowed to drive down the street to the synagogue because of a 5K run."

So it would appear that Congregation Beth Israel in Hempstead Village isn't strictly Orthodox since the congregants were driving on their Sabbath rather than walking... but of course they still could have walked.

Except that "the rabbi and most members went home" after it was decided to cancel the 9:00 am services!

But here's the kicker; Herbert Karen feels:

"My civil rights were violated. ... I was denied my rights because of a run. I can't accept that."

(I'll wager he could accept a sizable check. Calling Andrew Campanelli!)

And bets on whose "deep pockets" Mr. Karen is eye-balling?


1. Seeker said...

Newsday is less then it was and it never amounted to much even in the good old days.

However, again, I think you need to rethink your entries on the topic of synagogues, because now you are not only yelling "fire" in the Hampton Arts, you're adding squirts of lighter fluid.

Really? I'll take it under consideration.

[5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1...]

I've taken it under consideration and find your suggestion censorious. Additionally, this wasn't about "synagogues," it was about Newsday's editorial style and some media hoo'ers in Hempstead.

If you're worried about Bob Dillmeier getting dry heaves on the front nine, or nutberger Barrett's brain exploding on Quiogue, feh!

2. Jeanne Speir said...

Slow "News" Day?

Well, Conrad Teller hasn't issued any proclamations (nor is he going to!), no word as yet of massive police department resignations, Jim Kametler hasn't gone on any shooting rampage, and Taj Levan still stands on Library Avenue... so, yeah.

3. Seeker said...

Dean - Your brain is usually leaps and bounds ahead of mine, but to use a favorite expression of yours, you're being naïve. Perhaps if the article had been a piece about a mosque or a Kingdom Hall it wouldn't have stood out so painfully. If you were Jewish perhaps you'd have winced as I did over this, especially following your unfortunate post-election remark concerning a fictitious text message. Some things, when they're too raw need to settle a bit - timing is everything.

Dear, dear Seeker... I cannot acknowledge the relative strengths of our respective brain-power such as you (graciously) assert.

That said, it appears that we think along different lines, is all.

I would also note that two of my favorite playwrights in college were Samuel Beckett and Eugène Ionesco, leading representatives of Théâtre de l'Absurde 45-50 years ago, and anyone who knows Conrad Teller is aware that he couldn't send a text message if the fate of the Village depended upon it. My little "Let's talk!" jape was prima facie absurd.

Damnit! I said don't make me explain it... and now I have. (I am as putty in the female hand.)

But enough erudition for today.

4. Dune Mind said...

The countdown was the best thing that I've read since the election news. You are a scream.

Back to reality: Congregation Beth Israel in Hempstead is Conservative, not Orthodox. Conservative Jews drive to services on the Sabbath. Trust me on this. No one gets bunched about it.

Furthermore, the Talmud dictates that there need only be a gathering of ten for minyan, or obligatory prayer service. [Well, ten men according to Orthodox and Conservative interpretations, which went right up my butt as a kid, and one of many reasons why I've been a secular Jew for decades.]

At any rate, they did not have to be in the synagogue in order to hold Sabbath services.

As a congregation, they have neither a God-given nor Constitutionally protected right to access the facility by car for just one regularly scheduled service. But neither should they have been expected only to be able to access the synagogue by foot: the presumption of capacity to walk to services would invite what is probably the only civil rights issue in the discussion. That would be an ADA case, not a religious freedom case.
Would it have been reasonable, appropriate, decent, and all-around good PR for the race organizers to notify all in the 'hood in advance? Absolutely.

Thank you for the learned discourse. I'm pleased to see this can be discussed rationally and without fear.

5. Seeker said...

I'm not going to attempt to "compare and contrast" the inner workings of our individual thought processes. But, as in any good conversation where there is a difference of opinion, I will try one last time to persuade you to look at things from my perspective.

Although many of your correspondents get your sense of humor and know Connie Teller, there are individuals who know but do not like or love Connie Teller (or you for that matter) but read OtBB to see what terrible things you're reporting about them. [insert smiley face] And THOSE individuals would think nothing of telling people you said Connie sent the [bogus] text and the people they'd say this to don't know Connie Teller from a hole in Tucker's head - which is why they voted for Tucker - and why they'd swallow your inside joke, hook, line and sinker.

So, okay, maybe that all sounds a bit like a conspiracy theory – but your wife and I are big on those. And in this little Village, often true! 'Nuff from me.

Believe me, dear Seeker, I do "get" your concerns.

But I have been at this a bit, and have some insight into OtBB's readers... even Joan and Hank who insist they don't read the blog, just as they swore that they didn't read the Suffolk County IAB report and someone at the 24 Oak Street Bed 'n' Breakfast (don't know whether it's him or her) asserts they don't read the blog either.

They either "get it" or they don't bother reading OtBB. Why would they bother?

I know how area folk love to natter over the back fence, but that's been going on forever. Can't do anything about that, now can we?

6. Seeker said...

Taller fences like in Southampton? (See Sunday Newsday also!) BTW - did you happen to see Newsday's "report" on the Village mayoral race?

Obviously I saw their report, since I quoted from earlier.

The "taller fences" reference escapes me.

7. Jimmy Bond said...

Newsday was never much of a news product and now under the Dolan Empire it is just so much garbage. I think you are on target. BTW, charging the outrageous prices they do for subscriptions will only hasten its demise (and with no print daily media to cover 3.5 million Long Islanders... what a shame it shall be.)

Better nothing than mindless pap or worse, disinformation.

I am again reminded of Charles Foster Kane's immortal admonishment, "I'll provide the war." If it cannot be made into controversy, the media is inclined to ignore it.

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