Letters, we get letters

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Letters, we get letters

Well, some of us do while others are ignored.

Today's top letter comes from Liberty Party Trustee candidate Charlie Palmer Jr., with four campaign promises:

  1. "Clean up our Police Department"

The salient element of that item is: "hold all officers accountable for their actions."

If he actually meant "all officers" and offered a clue as to how he would accomplish that, he'd deserve serious consideration.

He doesn't. Ennnt! Next.

(While ignoring the platitudinous #2.)

  1. "Protect Our Residents From Environmental Nuisances"

Here he asserts: "the Asphalt and the Cement Plants do not conform to zoning law."

Doh! Junior is apparently unfamiliar with a little term in Land Use law referred to as "pre-existing, non-conforming."

There are ways to address such issues as are affecting the residents of upper Hazelwood and Rogers avenues... hint: amortization... which will not involve the Village in protracted and expensive legal actions, but just to refer to the problem in a campaign letter in this manner, reveals it for the hollow "promise" it is.

  1. "End the Buddy System."
"Chief of Police Dean was on the cover on Newsday complaining that he was under­paid with his $200,000/year salary. Then Mayor Teller illegally gave him $27,000 in compensatory time against the advice of both the village attorney and labor counsel."

(The biggest lies for last, eh, Junior?)

Ray Dean was indeed on the cover of Newsday a year ago, but he was not "complaining" about anything, nor is his salary "$200,000."

There was nothing "illegal" about Chief Dean's comp time, then Village Attorney Hermon Bishop never stated such an opinion, nor did Labor Counsel Richard Zuckerman.

Not only is Junior talking about something of which he has no knowledge, but he's lying as well.

In fact, records will show that Mr. Zuckerman informed the Village Board, specifically the three Trustees looking to play games with Chief Dean... Tucker, Levan and Kametler... that they could not take away the Chief's compensatory time, and if they persisted, Chief Dean would prevail in court.

The history of Westhampton Beach has shown that people will vote however they are inclined to vote on Election Day, all else be damned!

The hope is, however, that they may do so from a more informed position.

For me it's a matter of character, and as the Village already has one pathological liar on the Village Board in Hank Tucker... more on that later... we certainly don't need another.

Junior's stealth dessert raids into the Syna­gogue, his dumping of refuse into neighbors' care, his separation from the Air National Guard, are all elements of that character.


1. Goodnight and Goodluck said...

"Junior's separation from the Air National Guard?" What happened there?

It was, um, less than seemly.
– Dean

2. Seeker said...

Seen the Tucker letter yet? Many plagiarized phrases from the Village Unity Party's campaign literature and (this is the best part) the friendly "Hank" signature on the letter I saw is in Joan Levan's handwriting!

Seen it, reviewing it.

If the Empress signed it, it wouldn't surprise me in the slightest... he didn't use to make a move without her. Now he can't make a move without her.
– Dean

3. Barbara Ramsay said...

Wow! Lies lies and more lies. Sorry to say I can't vote since I've moved out of the Village. Oh wait... maybe I actually can. Let me give Angelo or Johnny or Michael a call and see how it's done.

Funny lady!

4. First Hampton said...

Charlie Palmer said "If Elected Trustee I will work to:
Restore the Respectability of Westhampton Beach; our village officials must treat each other and the public with respect.

Yes Charlie everyone should treat the public with respect, and that includes you.

Typical Politician Charlie... say one thing and do another.

If you want to preach RESPECT then try practicing it.

The original of this Comment and Response has been heavily redacted and republished.

It occurred to me overnight that this was very close to the type of this I had just told Ray Overton I didn't engage in. My apologies.
– Dean

5. Shorewood said...

Goodnight and Goodluck asked: "Junior's separation from the Air National Guard? What happened there?"

I think many of us would like to know the answer to that question!

As soon as I get a second source documented.

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