Time to cut the crap

Friday, June 11, 2010

Time to cut the crap

And this is directed at Hank Tucker and Charlie Palmer, Jr., who have been carrying on about anything they hope will give them any traction at the polls next Friday.

One of their big issues, aside from the recycled mezuzah-rattling about the eruv, has been the lack of "accreditation" of Westhampton Beach's Police Department.

It's a cynical and intellectually dishonest ploy by Tucker and Palmer to play to those resi­dents who are disgusted with the bickering about the police by trying to hang the prob­lems around the necks of Mayor Conrad Teller and Police Chief Ray Dean.

The process, known as "Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies," began in New York State in 1979, a full 15 years after the adoption of the 1964 "Guidelines" which Tucker has been blathering about.

How big a deal is it really?

The New York State Police Website notes:

"Of the 553 eligible law enforcement agencies in New York State, only 215 have been accredited or reaccredited."

(That's less than 39% of all eligible agencies statewide!)

But what does "accreditation" actually mean?

"The purpose of Accreditation is to enhance the effectiveness, efficiency and profes­sionalism of an agency, while promoting training and public confidence in law en­forcement."

The basic problem is readily apparent right there... what sort of "confidence" are local residents to have in this department any more?

It's no longer just about checking Dune Road residences while on-duty, or cooping overnight with girlfriends instead of patroling the Village.

It's about sleeping in a patrol car on Dune Road in mid-morning, to spending on-duty hours out of the Village hanging out at Holey Moses Cheesecake, to removing a firearm from another officer's locker.

And that's just scratching the surface of a police department that has in the past four years run increasingly out of control because of micro-management by, and interference of, various members of the Village Board.

In all honesty... which word is alien to Tucker's entire being... take a good look at that Web­page, with particular attention to...

"Accreditation demonstrates the agency performs in a consistently professional manner, that formalized policies are in place to govern its operational practices and pro­cedures, and that all employees con­tribute to the agency's mission and know what is expected of them."

Does anyone who has been paying any attention to this department seriously think that with its present police force, it has even the faintest hope of achieving "accreditation?"

Just look at the 130 accreditation standards necessary to attain that goal.

The Westhampton Beach Police Department might... just might... have a shot at actual accreditation if it cleans house of some of the current deadwood and rotten apples.

One way to get rid of four of the worst of them is re-elect Mayor Teller since four officers have vowed to resign or retire unless their pal Tucker is elected Mayor.

No more compelling reason can be offered for returning Conrad Teller to office.


1. Kathie Williamson said...

Really? So who's threatened to quit unless Tucker's elected Mayor?

Steve Cunneen and Bob Nordman were the two most indiscreet about it.

If four senior officers are separated, and the two senior-most Radio Dispatchers, a large chunk of money could be saved out of the next police budget.

2. Who Said That?! said...

Tucker and Palmer: a disaster! No substance to either one of them, just hot air and B.S.

3. Watching Them said...

Do you really think this is the only thing they will try. Hank, Joan, Jimmy and now Palmer are alligned with the malcontents in the department.

They lie and swear it's the truth. Tucker was brought in on lies and is now too deep to get out, he has to be Mayor to make things go away before they come back on him.

The only saving grace in all of this is that they will be consistent and use Tucker much the way they did Toni-Jo Birk and Mayor Teller. They are good at what they do, Toni-Jo got involved because of the things she was being told. They used her to get a new schedule and to get Trevor Gonce demoted then when they were done with her she was out like yesterday's trash.

No good deed goes unpunished by these people. Glad Toni-Jo saw the light!

A little late in the game....

4. EastEnd68 said...

Two-For-One -- a vote against Hank is a vote against Joan.

The appropriately-named Village Unity Party needs an across the board sweep, otherwise it's more of the same, just plugging Junior into Kametler's obstructionist slot. Buggé... Michelle WHO?... is another one of the Empress' toadys who probably couldn't find her way to Village Hall if she was dropped off at the Six Corners round-about.

5. Hambone said...

Just to state the obvious, isn't it a little bit of a problem to have a police department so political? If this were the sate{sic} police under Patterson or Pataki, there would be an uproar.

Andrew, please don't get back to us 'til you've started paying better attention.

You need to meet up with your neighbor, "Usually Quiet on Quiogue," and get a clue.


6. Matlynn Carville said...

The Wizard of Oz!

Synagogues and Orthodox and eruvs, oh my! You're not in Kansas anymore, Hank.

Mr. Tucker, of Jewish heritage, representing the "Lightning Party!"(Google who ELSE was in that party -- he might just lose his Reform friends!) coupled with Mrs. Levan, married to a Jewish guy, are our amulet to an eruv-free zone? You're joking, right? Especially since it was Toni Jo Birk who first weighed in as opposition.

Mayor Teller changed his initial ecumenical decision and very publicly announced he will not dispute the will of his constituents, who spent God knows how much money on an interpretation of the Constitution that supports a fair viewpoint of separating church and state. He keeps his promises.

But wait, Toto, there's more!

The understanding in the village is that Tin Pan, oops, Tin Man Tucker wishes to bypass the rule of law to exonerate his buddies.

His unofficial running mate, Straw Man Charlie Palmer, apparently wants more free food and a dumpster, and will say anything he is told to achieve those goals.

I guess Brugge is the Cowardly Lion, as one never sees her in public.

That Wicked Witch from the West Levan prefers to rule from the shadows, at least until her permanent health benefits come through.

They're talking eminent domain: taking away the properties of families to satisfy their inflated egos.

Taxes will SKYROCKET -- if you think they'll stop with the eight million plus dollar library, guess again.

There's no place like home -- provided it's not seized or taxed out of your bracket.

7. Bob said...

This whole mess with the Police reminds me of a story about a young child that was given a tour of a Police station, and after the tour he was asked if he had any questions. "Yes," he said, "why do the Police have locks on their lockers."

Just so!

8. UsuallyQuietOnQuiogue said...

Thanks for the shout out, I think....

Of course... the poor fellow needs some direction, and to date, that has been beyond my abilities.

9. Eyes on 6 Corners said...

Seems to me the last several Chiefs of Police have had their duty rosters full of lousy cops -- and there can be no accreditation until the house is cleaned -- and that can't happen until there's Disciplinary Hearins, can it?

Um, I think I stated that above... the house-cleaning part, at least.

10. Hambone said...

To UsuallyQuietonQuiogue:

Dean was slamming you as much as anything else. What surprises me is that he'll slam me publicly on the board but write my private email asking for assistance on how to figure out a U990. If you are not a sycophant or on social security one would seem to be on his "out" list.

One thing I admire about you, Andrew, is your consistancy when it comes to cluelessness and the random non-sequitur.

A more careful reading of that Comment response will reveal that I felt that your neighbor UQOQ, known to me as an articulate and educated care-giver with a soft spot in her heart for strays, might be able to instruct and educate you.

Additionally, UQOQ has never given me one moment to require a "slam." You, on the other hand, do so on a regular basis, which is why I recently suggested that you "please don't get back to us 'til you've started paying better attention."

Unfortunately, you've either chosen to ignore that suggestion, or you failed to understand it.

Yes, I did send you an E-mail with a filing attached, in the hope that, given your occupation, you might feel more comfortable on familiar territory. My error.

Now stop pouting!

11. Seeker said...

Ms. Carville, besides having such a great cobbled-together nom-de-lume, I love your story-telling abilities. Please find time to do a localized version of Pinocchio - one with TWO emptyhead puppets (Tucker & Kametler) whose noses grow with their lies, and Geppetto, the puppet-master played by Levan.

You make a bilingual word-play... or a typo?

12. First Hampton said...

They should also cut the crap about the Eruv, the non-issue Eruv.

Has anyone seen the "crap" letter which was sent out by JPOE?

Smoke and Mirrors....

What a pathetic crew Tucker and Palmer are. Ignore the real issues facing the Village and run on crap!


13. Seeker said...

I was in a 'urry, mate!

14. Dune Mind said...

Actually, Hambone, if you are still with us, it would be fantastic if you could provide insight on the amount of money that JPOE grand poobah Arnie Sheiffer made in big tobacco. He was on the Board of Directors of the North Atlantic Trading Co. (that is, the National Tobacco Corp., the third largest chewing tobacco company in the US) between 1997 and at least 2003. Google coughs up the company's SEC filings, but it's hard for us common folk to figure out how much all those stock transfers earned him.

Are you serious about Sheiffer? That's the same outfit which makes Zig-Zag rolling papers and makin' machines!

As for Hambone, I dunno....

15. Absolutely Amazing said...

Re: Sheiffer and Zig-Zag rolling papers and makin' machines!

Hmmmm .... so maybe that is why Charlie Palmer frequents the Jewish Temple for free desert. Munchies!

16. Hambone said...

I wouldn't focus on the gum so much, that companies effort is clearly towards papers and smokeless tobacco. I did a quick google search and hit on the 2004 10K. It does not list Board data but it does indicate on page 45 that the execs are executing warrants at $45. That would be the low end of the valuation. Overall the CEO gets big $ and bonus

17. UsuallyQuietOnQuiogue said...

Hmmm... never mind about the social security stuff, but sycophant? Does that mean you'll let me know when I've been insulted? Love my new moniker "UQOQ" - thanks for the kind words.

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