Annona... for all the wrong reasons

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Annona... for all the wrong reasons

Back in the news again, that is.

27East broke "the story" yesterday, "Lindsay Lohan's father in talks to open club in Westhampton Beach," and now it's national news in the trash tabloids and their television counter­parts.

Alerted by an OtBB'er who follows this sort of thing, "the story" is now being reported, with variations, by such as:

(Note that the 27East story had it that the senior Lohan was "in talks to open [a] club," but by the time it went wide, it was a done deal.)

As as we long-ago learned, if it's "the Summer season" and "The Hamptons," the media can flog "the story" for days, cf:

(The unidentified "detective from West­hampton Beach Police Department" had to have been Ed Hamor, since the only other one is Steven Cunneen and he's on suspension.)

I am reminded of East Hampton's "Massive 68 Pantigo Road Drug Bust1" of August 1965 which was on the front page of every one of New York City's then 11 daily newspapers for three days!

Then just when I thought it was safe to start reading the Sports sections again, the World-Telegram and Sun re-invigorated it with an alarming new headline:

Hamptons dope pipeline part of Communist plot?

And don't think that didn't have the afternoon strag-hangers plinking down their hard-earner dimes to learn that an un-named police source thought that the LSD found in East Hampton might have come from Czechoslovakia, then behind the Iron Curtain.

Never fear... the world hasn't heard the last of Mr. Lohan's Summer in Westhampton Beach!

  1. One in which I was not even tangentially involved!


1. Frank Wheeler said...

Just what Westhampton Beach needs -- the return of the late night trash they got rid of 15 years ago when they closed down Club Marakesh.

Yes, and I saw where you said the same thing on 27East earlier.

Please refrain from recycling your bons mots here.

2. Hambone said...

Marakesh was 15 years ago! Does Mr. Wheeler grudge much?

Ahhhhhhhhh!, another (near) non-sequitur.

There were three major events in this area in short order, two sudden and unforeseen being Flight 800 and the Pine Barrens Wildfires.

The third, the Shane Daniels near-homicide, while also sudden, was not unforeseen and wholely preventable.

Mr. Wheeler... hardly a sycophant and, I believe 15 or so years my junior (i.e., not a Senior citizen), makes a cogent observation echoing Georges Santayana's timeless epigram. My issue was that he'd already used that one somewhere else.

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