There's a reason why Chicago...

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

There's a reason why Chicago... known as "the Second City," and one has to look no further than the pages of today's Chicago Tribune, with it's PhotoShop'd image of "Chrissy Pronger," captioned:

"Looks like Tarzan, skates like Jane"

I've never been a big fan of Chris Pronger, but over 16-seasons he's been not just a repeat All-Star, but the National Hockey League's 2000 Hart Trophy-winner as its Most Valuable Player, the same year he won the James Norris Memorial Trophy as its top defenseman.

He was also on the 2007 Stanley Cup-winning Anaheim Ducks and Canada's 2002 and 2010 Olympic Gold Medal teams.

And at age 35½ he had the worst game of his likely Hall-of-Fame career Sunday night when the Chicago Blackhawks took the measure of his Philadelphia Flyers, 7-4.

There's a appellation in professional sports, "bush," the short form of "bush league," a term of utter derision for a player or an act.

"Bush" perfectly describes whichever Tribune editor approved this.

The faked image angered three-time American Olympian women's hockey medalist Angela Ruggiero who told the Associated Press:

"I'd like to see that editor out on skates. I'll take them one-on-one on the ice any day."

The unidentified editor has so far declined Ms. Ruggiero's invitation.


1. Hambone said...

Shades of Jim Rome and Jim Everett.

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