June Village Board Meeting

Thursday, June 03, 2010

June Village Board Meeting

Updated 06/04/2010 – 10:05 am

The eruv lives!

Well, at least that's what Trustee Joan Levan's retinue would have everyone believe with the Village elections just 15 days away.

That overt scare tactic paid off for Levan and Hank Tucker last year, and since this season's Tucker, Charlie Palmer, Jr. and Michelle Buggé campaigns have been devoid of any­thing other than one-on-one lies, why not go back to the well again.

But that came later in this evening's meeting.

Before Mayor Conrad Teller led everyone in the Pledge of Allegiance, he called recently retired Zoning Board of Appeals Chairman Chris Bean from the audience to present him with a plaque for his 23 years service to the Village.

Mr. Bean took the opportunity to thank a number of people with whom he had served, but was twice interrupted by Trustee Jim Kametler who expressed his opinion that Mr. Bean was politicking, and tried to cut him off.

In the public hearing on the Saint Marks Church cellular tower Special Exception re­newal, AT&T's John Coughlin made a brief presentation, then asked if any of the Board members had any questions.

"Yes," piped up Mayoral wannabe Tucker with vim and confidence. "Will you leave a copy of that with us to look at?"

"Didn't you get the ones I provided before­hand," Mr. Coughlin asked, and the man who would administer Westhampton Beach, was done for the evening.

His confidence disappeared, his speech faltered and he had no idea what to say in response... even though he tried.

Tucker sat there while the most common of words... subject, verb, predicate... were unable to find their way out in any coherent form.

Mercifully for Mr. Tucker, that hearing was closed, subject to a determination next month, and the rest of the calender was called.

And yes, the police department disciplinary hearings were on the agenda, but once again the obstructionist troika of Mrs. Levan, Mr. Kametler and Mayoral-wannabe Tucker voted to table the eleven resolutions which would have allowed the matter to progress.

(Now in it eighth month of impasse, the salaries of the two original suspended officers, Michael Bruetsch and Joseph Pesapane, alone have cost taxpayers in excess of $170,000... and they haven't worked a day!)


In the public portion of the meet­ing, it was suddenly 2009 again as the Main Street businessman who identified himself only as "Garcia" read, awkwardly and painfully, a lengthy statement which seemed mostly directed against Mayor Teller... the man was sight-reading something he obviously had not... nor could he have... written himself.

The Empress of Oneck's nefarious hand was all over this one, as it had been during his pre­vious appearance at a Board meeting last Sep­tember... he lied then, and this evening he was simply a covert Levan messenger.

(OtBB's unheeded message to Garcia at the time was: "don't carry other people's water.")

Then came, in no particular order, Angelo dela Fuente, Chris Ruggles and the big JPOE cheese himself, Arnold Sheiffer, whose anti-eruv Website has been stale since last Summer.

While assailing everyone from Mayor Teller to Village Attorney Richard Haefeli to new ZBA Chair­man Vic Levy for their suspected eruvian sympathies, he stated that his group would also be known as "Jewish People for the Betterment of Westhampton Beach."

(But as it was noted here almost a year ago, Arnie Sheiffer is a schmuck!)

Another who attended, anger radiating from her visage, but did not speak was Quiogue nutburger Irene Barrett... she somehow kept her tongue.

An overview of the public portion speakers: unfocused, ill-prepared and, except for Arnie Sheiffer, non-residents. (Watch the video!)

Outgoing three-term Trustee Kametler made a mercifully brief "farewell" statement which sounded more like the "you're not going to have Nixon to kick around any more" speech than a Bob Hope "Thanks for the memories."

(One of his continuing gripes was about "pictures being taken of my residence;" That's because you and your wife were operating an illegal bed 'n' breakfast, you whiny cementhead!)

The meeting ended and the aftermath de­volved into a series of verbal confrontations between various factions, including an inter­esting one between Hampton West resident Ruggles and Police Officer Steve McManus.

No punches were reported being thrown, al­though Remsenburger dela Fuente came close to being a recipient when he angrily charged a female resident as the meeting closed.

At this point, all that's left is the League of Women Voter's Candidates' Meeting/Debate this Monday evening.


1. Old Part-timer said...

Mr. Tucker didn't sound as if he brought his "A Game" last night. If he plans to be our new Mayor I would hope he'd be more prepared for a meeting.

Hey!, watch the video when it's available!

If that's the best Hank Tucker can do with the softest possible question, Joan Levan would do well to schedule an illness for her boy before Monday's Candidates' Debate.

2. Eyes on 6 Corners said...

Never mind "thanks for the memories," Jim Kametler should thank the Village for the lifetime dental benefits he engineered for himself as a Trustee!

Yes, there's that... as a police officer and a Trustee, he has certainly taken from the Village a lot more than he has given it.

3. Garcia said...

Your{sic} are a really smuck{sic}. You sit on your high horse and write safely because you are a coward. Yes I did not write it myself because it is public record, stick that up your bum.


I'm afraid that I don't follow your logic.

In respect to the "bum" comment, that, sir, is not my thing!

4. Garcia said...

Calling me a liar twice is really incredible when you sit in{sic} you{sic} high horse behind a blogg{sic}. You are a coward. I did not write it myself because I was reading public records. If you had something to say, why didn't you speak? You are the smuck{sic}. You have nothing to say. All you do is make up stuff. The room was filled with all the mayors{sic} friends and no one got up to defend him. Why?

Well, aren't we the chatty one this afternoon, Garcia!

Thank you for the clarification about "public records," but it doesn't address the fact that you were again carrying someone else's water last evening.

I did not speak at the meeting because I had nothing to say. If you had attended more meetings, you would know that rare is the one where I do not speak for the record. Am I still "a coward" in your estimation?

As for the "liar" accusation, last September you carried a demonstrably false message, and in my book that makes you a liar. If you lied last evening, I couldn't tell as your presentation was not the most coherent.

Angry at me? You should more properly be angry at Joan Levan for giving you a message that was beyond your abilities to impart in a meangful way, and yourself for agreeing to do it.

But don't feel too badly, because I doubt that the eloquent Mario Cuomo could have delivered that presentation well.

5. EastEnd68 said...

If the B&B is illegal why is it still operating?

Is it?

6. Old Part-timer said...

Hey Garcia, why don't you go screw yourself!!! Get out of our town. Dean Speir's been around this Village forever. Whether you like him or not, he's earned everyone's respect. He gives a crap about this place. Maybe more people should be like him. As for you, get the hell out. I'm tired of all you carpetbaggers screwing up my Village!


Now now... you (and others) "get" it, and those in the Empress' thrall never will.

7. Oldtimer said...

Garcia, haven't you been here long enough to know that drinking Joan Levan's Koolaid leads to diarrhea of the mouth????????

8. Tugboat Bertha said...

For a blog that is so hated and written by a man who is allegedly so despised, it has a whole lot of readers with their knickers in a knot. If they don't like the blog they don't have to log onto it.

Of course not... the detractors would plotz (I said that just for Arnie Sheiffer!) if they knew who and how many read OtBB each day!

9. Girly Girl said...

These folks should be turned into the ASPCA, arrested and prosecuted... for beating a dead horse.

Ho ho!

10. Who Said That?! said...

Keep up the good work, Dean! Not everybody's drinking Joan's Kool-Aid . . .

11. First Hampton said...

Garcia said:

"Calling me a liar twice is really incredible when you sit in{sic} you{sic} high horse behind a blogg{sic}.
............. You are the smuck{sic}."
Didn't your pal Joan Levan teach you any better?

12. Shorewood said...

"Outgoing three-term Trustee Kametler made a mercifully brief 'farewell' statement...."
Bye Bye, Cementhead. You WILL not be missed. Enjoy your time in your Florida single-wide.

Just curious, is it the same trailerpark which Charlie Palmer Jr.'s parents reside in?
Hey hey hey, let's keep family out of this!

13. Tugboat Bertha said...

Charlie Palmer, Jr has a wonderful family, every one of them outstanding citizens. They deserve respect and so does he. Thanks for reminding folks of that, Dean. You are a good person.

Well, I wouldn't go that far....

14. Who Said That?! said...

Next comes the kum-bay-yah moment?

15. Absolutely Amazing said...

Sorry Tugboat Bertha... I respectfully disagree.

I cannot respect anyone who is alleged to:
– constantly criticize everything in this Village.
– attempted to sell his house to "get out of this Village."
– has never had one positive thing to say about the Village.
– threatened or may have taken legal action against the traffic circle.
– threatened or may have taken legal action against the school athletic field lights.
– illegally dumps trash in other people's dumpsters.
– dumps hedge clippings where he shouldn't.
– sweeps the debris into the middle of the street.
– lies to residents about the eruv. – attends Friday night services at the Temple to obtain free food.
– etc., etc., etc.

Respect is given when respect is due, and I certainly cannot respect a person who so openly hates this Village, then turns around and runs for Village Trustee.

I keep hearing most of this from his neighbors who know him far better than I do, but I find it difficult to comprehend how, if any of this is verifiable, he expects none of thos to "come out" now that he's declared for public office.

16. Scarlett said...

Believe it, he's that narcissistic! Nothing Absolutely Amazing said was untrue - and that list wasn't even complete.

17. Hambone said...

Can you provide more detail on the following? It sounds like the true highlite{sic}.

"No punches were reported being thrown, although Remsenburger dela Fuente came close to being a recipient when he angrily charged a female resident as the meeting closed."

Well, if you've been at the high school tonight for the candidates' debate, you'd've seen an instant replay.

Urge that if you're on the outside looking into the Village as you read OtBB, just try to enjoy the language as so many others do (he writes, with as much humility as he can muster).

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