Dirty Work at the Crossroads...

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Dirty Work at the Crossroads...

Deputy Mayor James Kametler The dreaded Eye-Con

You can put the man on the Village Board, but it's much harder to get his head out of the cement bucket.

Once again Village residents have to be wondering about the "common sense" quotient of Deputy Mayor and second term Trustee Jim Kametler.

Fresh from whistling past the boneyard on his ill-advised 'possum-shooting spree, he has now called into question his ability to properly serve as a municipal official!

First he attempts to interfere with the local Code Enforcement process by telling the Build­ing Department that no Orders to Remedy Violations or citations should be issued to Finn McCool's on Old Riverhead Road... an estab­lishment operated by former police colleague, Andrew "Buddy" Mazzio... because the Village Sign Ordinance is going to be revised, and what is presently illegal, won't be after the legislative revisions.

(To his credit, after the Building Depart­ment turned a deaf ear to Trustee Kametler's directives and made it clear that his extra-legal input would not be entertained, the Deputy Mayor ap­parent­ly manned up to Mr. Mazzio, admitting that his reach had exceeded his grasp, and that no special consideration should be anticipated from the municipality.)

The Valeo Station on the corner of Montauk Highway and Old Riverhead Road... Jim Kametler's maroon truck can been seen in the middle background

Then Mr. Kametler's painting business entirely repaints the Valero gasoline station on the Northeast corner of Montauk Highway and Old Riverhead Road in complete and utter disregard of the ARB-mandated color scheme incorporated into the Planning Board's 1998 Site Plan approval of the conversion of the mechanics' bays into office space.

The new color scheme... replaced before a photo was taken... was by consensus deemed to be pretty ghastly, and perhaps intentionally so given that the owner of the gas station is apparently miffed at the municipality for not seeing eye-to-eye with him on an application involving the "roof coverings" of the fuel pump islands.

The Valeo operator, having duly expressed his pique, upon notification of the non-conformity by the Village, was obliged to have Mr. Kamet­ler restore the former Shell service station's approved color scheme.

The curious matter of the Port-a-Potty

The portable toilet at the Valero station

The kicker to this little slice of behind-the-municipal-scenes reality comes from a correspon­dent who occasionally buys his fuel at the Valeo station:

"I'd just put $5 worth into my vehicle, enough to allow me to get to Route 58 for a fill-up, when I received a call on my cell 'phone and pulled off to the side to take it. While I'm talking, I observed the station's attendant finish ringing up my sale, then exit the tiny retail area and make his way over the the portable toilet that backs up the the fence between the station and the veterinary practice.

The employee went in, closed the door behind him, and emerged several minutes later to return to the little corner space in the building.

I didn't think much about it 'til much later when I realized that there was no painting or construction work on-going any longer and got to wondering why the employee wouldn't use the station's interior facilities. And every time I passed that corner over the next several days, and saw that the portable sanitation unit was still there, I thought about it some more.

Finally I mentioned it to a friend who serves on one of the Municipal boards, and got him wondering too. He said he would look into it."

I'm wondering, too! And what I'm wondering is, is there even a lavatory inside the building's little space used by the Valeo business?


1. RJ said...

Jim Kametler restore something?? Yea right the guy is a talentless scum bag that could restore a bird house.

Right! Five (5!) years and here you are writing nasty things about Jimmy Kametler from behind a pair of initials. I don't know what's more important, that you go back and finish school, or that you grow a pair.

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