Shout out to Speonk!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Shout out to Speonk!

This'll make Benny Nidgzyn proud.

As noted during OtBB's inaugural season, there are reasons to go to Speonk other than to hook up with the L.I.R.R. or dine at the Trackside Cafe.

The "shout out" this time goes directly to the Zima Tire people who helped out Jeanne in her time of vehicular need in a timely man­ner and at a competitive price that would give Angelo de la Fuente a case of the dry heaves!

They're nothing fancy... grubby little shop on the South side of Montauk Highway, with no discernible customer amenities... but they get the job done, quickly, and don't pick your pocket while they're doing it.

That's counts a great deal with me, and I've been pleased to get a new pair of tires there myself.

Also had a good automotive experience in Speonk with Action Auto Glass when I needed a windshield replaced this past Winter. They're at the Phillips Avenue light where Bruce Cozine's service station used to be.

But the real find in greater Speonk has been the new restaurant in an old setting, Jack and Diane's at the Northeast corner of Village Square Shopping Center.

(The language pedant in me says it should be "Jack's and Diane's," but then it's Jack Pfeiffer's joint to do with as he will... and if grammar isn't his long suit, Executive Cheffery certainly is.)

Successor to the nice but unremarkable Paul's Cafe, we've dined at the current establishment twice in the past month, and been pleased each time.

The spécialité maison seems to be the generous (10 ounce) burgers which start at $8.00 and are of the build-your-own variety.

Suggested strategy: instead of heading West on Old Country Road to avoid what traffic there is between the Cook's Pond light and the Eastport triangle, stay on the highway and prepared to slow down after passing Fordham's Mill.

There are dimensions to Speonk other than being the last major terminal on the South Fork LIRR and the neatly manicured homes on South Phillips Avenue.


1. Speonk4Ever said...

If "Nidzyn Avenue" was named for Benny's family, you have a typo.

The celebrated liquor store owner explained back in the mid-'60s that the family name was actually "Nidgzyn," and that's how he spelled it. Who was I to gainsay him?
– Dean

2. Jeanne Speir said...

Shout out to Zima's - You rock, guys. WAY cheaper, clearly competent, clearly not out to grab my dwindling dollars!! Thanks, more than you can ever know.

Second, a shout out to Meineke in Riverhead on Route 58, who told me, no, I don't have to have a brake replacement until at least the end of the Summer. Maybe later. I love youze guys! Seems the dealers are out to suck our veins, but the locals are comfortable telling the truth. Check out their plaque for good business practices.

Jack and Diane's is good and reasonably-priced and makes me sing that awful ditty song in my head every time we go there. Damn! Oh yeah, "Life goes on......."

3. Tugboat Bertha said...

"Jack and Diane's" is a line from the song "Life goes on..." Thanks Jeanne. Speir noticed the grammatical error but the song writer and the restaurant owner are in synch.

I am nothing if not a language/punctuation pedant.

4. Hampton West said...

OK, rather than going to Finn McCool's (boy I miss the old Matchbox fried clams Friday night), Maid Mariann and I went to Jack and Dianne's for a late brunch/early dinner - I had what I almost never order - a hamburger - only because the Miss'us did and I preferred baked fish - but - OK - burger it is - it was quite nice - a huge serving - the only mishap was I ordered the "country" burger and the young lady waitress - obviously confused by my Nooo Yooork accent thought it was "ordinary" burger - and I didn't want to put her on the spot so I forewent the mushrooms and peppers - didn't matter - nice place - will go back!!! Thanks for the review. I always felt both Speonk and Eastport were over-looked and under-rated.

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