March Village Board Meeting

Thursday, March 04, 2010

March Village Board Meeting

The actions of Trustees Hank Tucker, Joan Levan and Jim Kametler strain credulity.

Or rather, the troika's "explanations" for those actions are what leave rational thinking resi­dents shaking their heads and wondering just where it all went wrong.

On a day when the Village of Westhampton Beach was served with notice of a 1983 Civil Rights Action by suspended Police Officers Michael Bruetsch and Joseph Pesapane, the troika, against the strong advice of Village Attorney Hermon Bishop that even a reading of their four resolutions pertaining to the Police Department would expose the mu­nicipality to greater liability in those actions, Tucker, Levan and Kametler not only read them, but passed them over the "No" votes of Mayor Conrad Teller and Deputy Mayor Toni Jo Birk.

The more than two-hour meeting is almost im­possible to describe... and at this point beyond whatever skills I may possess as a journalist.

For the full flavor of the well-attended session, people will have to wait for the videotape... don't miss Mr. Bishop's outrage at a walk-on resolution which called into question his integ­rity and professionalism.

Some random notes...

Mrs. Birk, who voted with the Mayor through­out the meeting, has to take some heat on this for signing onto the four resolutions when Mr. Kametler brought them to her earlier this week.

Her lame excuse was, in essence, "I didn't know what I was signing," just doesn't wash.

Someone noted a half-century ago that one of the primary rules of spoken verse is "That shall not sight-read an 'ee cummings' poem."

That can now be updated for Mr. Kametler's edification: "Thou shall not sight-read a multi-page complex legal document."

One of the terms he consistently mangled was "contemporaneously," which he repeatedly rendered as "contemperroneously."

(My wife and the group with which she was seated thought it sounded more like a form of "contemporanus.")

Whoever drafted the resolutions, clearly never envisioned Mr. Kametler having to read one of them.

The source of those resolutions remains undis­closed... Mr. Kametler said he didn't know (but voted to adopt all four of them) and Mr. Tucker refused to identify the the author(s) nor would he explain why he wouldn't identify same.

(This raises the question of whether Board resolutions drafted by an undisclosed en­tity are even legally binding.)

So outrageous were the actions of the Board this evening that Shirley Eckart, a frequent presence at the meetings, for the first time in the 41 years I've been attending them, went to the podium to speak, and asked Mr. Tucker to reveal who had drafted the resolutions.

(Pssst!, Hank, it's not nice to stonewall Mrs. Eckart... or smart, either! And you actually wanna be our next Mayor?)

Even Jackie Bennett, who wouldn't say "Fudge!" if her hair was on fire, went to the microphone to tell off the obstructionists on the Board.

Mrs. Levan, who apparently lost a close friend earlier today, decamped from the meeting early... according to Mr. Tucker for that reason, sort of a bereavement leave.

So she missed ZBA Chairman Chris Bean's time at the lectern during which he noted that, even though she'd left her husband home, she'd still parked in a handicapped space.

(The Empress of Oneck does that at will.)

It must be noted that quadriplegic Albert O'Connell also attended the meeting... without benefit of a handicapped space!

But as previously noted... people are going to have to see the video of tonight's reason to satisfy themselves how dysfunctional this Board is.


1. Johnny Romo said...

Hope to have first hour on 'Net soon. Greatest meeting ever! These people are covering their own complete incompetence by accusing the Mayor, the Police Chief and the Village Attorney of incompetence. And when asked they all use the Verbeeck case as an excuse?

Carpetbaggers (and one total idiot who was smack dab in the middle of the case) are gonna fight using that case as their reasoning? God bless 'em. "Idiocracy" in action! THEY ALL MUST GO!

God may, but I won't.
– Dean

2. Jeanne Speir said...

Heck, this meeting may turn viral on YouTube. One of the residents filmed the whole thing too, and I'm sure will have NO problem skimming over the pages of "Whereas" words that came from people who clearly have an agenda that has NOTHING to do with the well-being of the Village.

He's promised that the first segment will be available later this morning.
– Dean

3. Tugboat Bertha said...

This meeting will be on YouTube? How totally cool is that. I can't wait.

I believe so... not sure how good the quality will be compared to the Black Sheep version which will be mounted later, but it should whet everyone's appetites and satisfy their needs, for now, for a glimpse of a train wreck.

4. EastEnd68 said...

Will the you-tube{sic} link be here?

When have I ever failed you?

When OtBB knows, so shall the blog readers!
– Dean

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