'Hmmmmn' on a snowy day

Friday, February 26, 2010

'Hmmmmn' on a snowy day

As in "things that make you go...," because this is getting ridiculous!

And no!, we're not referencing the Village Board's obstructionist attempts to whitewash Police Officers Michael Bruetsch and Joseph Pesapane!

(That particular infamy is well passed the point of ridiculousness!)

At issue is the burgeoning deer population which has been running unchecked throughout the Village for the past decade!

Ye Gawds and little salt licks, they no longer even pretend to be nocturnal... they're round-the-clock menaces.

A month back four (4!) of them glared at me for disturbing their mid-afternoon naps and foraging in a yard on Brook Road.

A week ago my wife ("The damned things are rodents with hooves!") reported that she had to stop while six (6!) of them ran across Main Street from Beach Lane to Beach Road!

And now this!

Trompe-l'œil, via Photoshop

To arms! To arms! Slug guns! Longbows!

Allow the licensed hunters to fill their tags, now, while the second home-owners are else­where and the Village is almost deserted.


1. Ready To Go said...


I have had them dart out in front of my car too many times. Someone is really going to get hurt one of these days. Quogue has their culls every year, then donates the meat to the homeless shelters in Riverhead. It wouldn't be much of a stretch for Westhampton Beach to do it too! Helpful for everyone!

I was going to ask "Why Riverhead?" when I remembered that they don't have homeless shelters in Quogue.

Been sounding the same alarm for years! But it's going to take one of the Empress of Oneck's tennis partners getting wrapped around a tree (and surviving to tell the tale) swerving to avoid a collision before anything gets done!

2. Rob F. said...

All this snow should make for an interesting browse line.

3. Hampton West said...

I think you know my position on guns, but -- there are simply too many deer out there - Hampton West has herds walking around - it's astounding!!!

Figure out a way so that guns are not shot off too close to houses - no problem here.

This isn't about guns or your "position" on them (which is irrelevant), it's about an over-population of deer... note the "longbow" option.

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