One more reason why...

Thursday, February 25, 2010

One more reason why...

...News12 Long Island is a third-rate "news or­ganization."

In reporting the Olympics hockey news this morning, anchorman Doug Geed cited the United States Men's team 2-0 victory yes­terday over Sweden.

(Pssssssst! Doug, it was Switzerland!)

Cablevision-owned News12 is often cited in promotional messages as why the Optimum service is preferable to Direct TV and Verizon's FiOS, on which systems it is not available.

Fine by me!


1. Hampton West said...

Yesterday morning 1010 WINS radio sports for hours repeated a story that Canada was going to play Germany that afternoon; whoa guys that game happened days ago - must be something about hockey that does this.

You'd think that someone would have called that to WINS' attention!

Still, News12 has always been a third-rate operation, and less a "news-gatherer" than one which picks over other's reports for material of "local" interest. I doubt if their helicopter is used for anything other than traffic reports.

2. Matlynn Carville said...

Hey, I like News12. They don't talk over their guests, their political agenda is gentler than that nasty hostile crowd at Australian owned FOX (remember how comprehensively they reported on Natalie Holloway and how accurate their reportage was of the Washington/Maryland snipers was? (NOT) Further, I imagine they don't hold their pinkies out nor sniff their flatus like the snobs at MSNBC.

I'll still watch News12. They don't give me indigestion, and are not known for alarmist rhetoric (hard to find these days; a rarity in JOLT journalism).

I see Madame is on a roll this morning... thank you for finding the time to stop by.

3. Hampton West said...

FOX? ah come on... real unbiased there - not!!!!

Not sure what this relates to... other than you hear FOX and lose all control. Whatever you imagined you'd read, you didn't.

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